Sunday, October 13, 2013

hello hello helloooooo!!!! (jim car ref) i love you all as usual. this week was a rollercoaster. every week is a rollercoaster. every day is a rollercoaster but it's good! and being a missionary is great because like a million and one people pray for you and I get to be doing the greatest work ever. Seriously missionary work is the best. And I hope you are all being good member missionaries!! Seriously when I get back I'm going to be the freaking best member missionary in the world. Because I know what it's like to be a missionary! It's hard! They need help, people!! So share the gospel!!

Anyway funny stories of the week:
So it rained this week. Seriously it randomly rains every week and there's like huge thunderstorms and I think there are bombs going off all the time and it's really confusing. Anyway it was raining so we had our umbrellas and we were waiting outside this apartment building because we had an appointment but we were early so we sat down on some benches and i noticed this dark spot on my umbrella and i was like what i looked at the top of it and there was a massive bird poop on it!!! and sister oh died laughing and i was like what the ewwwww!! and she's like hey if you didn't have the umbrella it would be on your head. and it was disgusting and it wouldn't come off i had to get a stick and scrape it off. nasty.  also everyone thinks i'm like 25 -___- okay i'm not ancient! But really so many times there are girls that look 12 and they're like i'm 23 what the?!? i think Koreans have the fountain of youth pill and aren't telling anyone about it....

oh also we got these business cards to advertise our english class and they are legit. when i get the chance i will send one home and if jacky is interested she can come hahahha jkkkk ah that was funny.
oh the other day we were hardcore proselyting and i went up to this girl (i love talking to high school students because they freak out when i talk to them) and started talking to her and she was acting all nervous and shy and i was like are you scared? and she like shyly giggled and was like no this is wonderful! hahahah sometimes i love being a foreigner. then i started talking to this other lady who completely ignored me so i just kept talking to her about how i was learning korean and so i want to talk to everyone and she's like i don't want to talk to you. and i was like have a nice day! yeah love conversations like that too. my favorite are the old grandmas who grab my face and pat me on the arm and tell me my Korean is good and that I'm pretty. Good times. 

So this is kind of cool. The first day that I was here coming to anyang on the subway I was like all gungho I'm a missionary right? So i was like i have to talk to someone! So I looked at the lady next to me and noticed that she was sort of looking at me and she took out her headphone so i said hello and then we sort of talked and she was all excited because she had met the missionaries before i think. (i don't really remember) anyway sister oh got her number and i was like yeah investigator! well we finally met after 8 weeks of us calling her and her being busy and yada yada yada and her family is so awesome! They really just want to learn English I think but seriously there family is so awesome and the dad is amazing and they are just so perfect for the gospel and I want them to get baptized. While I was practicing English with them they asked about tithing (yeah it was random and Sister Oh was like explain tithing so I stuttered through that in Korean yeah it was scary I hadn't taught it since the MTC) and baptism and Joseph Smith. So I taught them about the restoration in Korean/English and recited the first vision and it was so cool! Not really sure if they have real interest but it was a cool experience and I hope that we can bring them closer to Christ. They don't believe in anything. Actually sister oh told me they believe in science hahahaha so that was awesome. But I just know that they are awesome and I want them to be baptized. So pray for me that I can teach through the Spirit!!

I'll just share something quick this week:
I read this morning about Virtue from the PMG attributes assessment and it talks about being dependable and doing the things that we say we will. It had a scripture reference in Alma 53:20 where it talks about the stripling warriors. So i started reading about the stripling warriors and it said something that i had never noticed before and was interesting. It said that before they made the decision to fight they had never been a disadvantage to the people, but now that they were taking up arms they were becoming a great support. What an interesting way to say that. They had never been a disadvantage, but now they were a great support. Last night during our lesson the mom asked us a question that i was kind of ashamed to answer. She was like before your mission did you talk to your friends about the gospel a lot? And the truth is I didn't. I mean everyone knew I was a member of the church and I tried to be a good example of living up to my standards, but I didn't really actively try and share the gospel. Aka I wasn't a disadvantage to the people. I was just there. and I know that this special experience of being a missionary will change me so that I can be a great support. We are all in the Lord's army. We take His name upon us when we are baptized. Are we simply "not a disadvantage" or are we a great support to the Lord? I hope that all of you strive to be of great support to the Lord in these days. It's becoming easier to share the gospel and especially now everyone needs it. So remember your covenants and stand up for the Lord. He needs us to bring His children back to Him!!
Love you tons. Peeeeace
Sister Blick

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