Sunday, October 20, 2013

hi lovely family!! sorry i didn't email at the regular time today. we had a mission conference with the sister missionaries so we got permission to email afterwards. it was super fun to get together with all the sisters and it's so inspiring to see all of us together laboring for the Lord. this week was good i'll just give you the low-down
we're really trying to work on helping less-actives come back to church as sadly in Korea there are a lot. monday night we had dinner with the mom and daughter of one of the less-active families in their ward. they're an awesome family and we're developing a good relationship with them. their daughter is 11 and she is so cute. a little shy but because me and sister oh are awesome and fun she opened up and we had fun. the mom is so nice and a return missionary and always asks about missionary work and jokes around with us about missionary work. we're trying to encourage her to come back to church. we shared a message about balance and how it's important to have balance in our families so that we can strengthen and serve each other in times of need. we invited her to read the book of the mormon with her family a little bit each night and she talked to us about how she knew she had to try to do better. Kaari i shared with her your experience that you emailed me about last week about praying and feeling the Lord's love immediately. I hope that she knows that we love her and that she has the courage to come back to church.
tuesday we had an appointment with a lady who wants help with english. her daughter is a member and is studying at the U. She's been to utah and absolutely loves it and really wants to learn english so we said we could teach her. anyway i started talking to her about her daughter and asked her if she had seen a difference in her daughter since she had become a member and she said yes that her daughter was happier and a better person. She said that she loves the kind of people that Mormons are and said that she wished more people in the world were like us. She says that she thinks we are very honest and sincere people and that we really love God. So I talked about how it has helped me realize what's important in life and it helps us have good morals. I invited her to learn more about what her daughter believes and she said yes! She started by saying that she's Catholic but that's open to hearing about what we believe. So I gave her a restoration pamphlet in English and asked her to read it a) to practice English and b) to introduce her to what we believe. As we kept talking she then revealed that she says she's Catholic but she doesn't really believe in God. She said that when she got married her husband's family was Catholic so she became Catholic. She says she thinks there is a God, but she doesn't think she can believe in Him because too many bad things happen. I talked to her about how there is opposition in all things and that according to God's plan for us if we want to experience joy, there must also be sorrow and so forth. She said that she doesn't know if she can believe, but I told her that if she keeps her mind and heart open that I know she can believe. And i said you don't have to believe a lot right now. At the beginning you just have to believe a little and as you start to learn you will believe more and more. She said if you teach me and I don't accept what you teach will you be disappointed? And I said well of course we'll be disappointed because we know that our message is true and we hope that you will find that too, but it's your choice and if you choose not to accept it we will respect it. She liked that because she thinks that Mormons are respectful of others beliefs. So we'll teach her tomorrow again. Pray for her!! And that we can teach well....
A lot of people here think Mormons are pagans (to be honest I'm not really sure what that means glll....) and so that's why they aren't interested and think we are weird. We met a lady on the street that started asking questions (one of them being "are you from Russia?" weird i know) about the church and if we were pagans and stuff and we were able to share with the book of mormon and talk about how we believed in God and Jesus Christ. I don't think she was really interested but it was a success that we were able to clarify what we believe so that she knew the truth about our church.
saturday we had dinner at the bishops house with a lady that is sort of a weird investigator situation i'll explain and her daughter in law. So this lady her english name is Grace is super old and we met her through English class. She's friends with the English class coordinator (a member) so she comes to church a lot like almost every week but won't let the missionaries teach her. so she hasn't received the lessons but she comes to church but she doesn't want to get baptized and i'm not really sure what she's just a weird situation. anyway her daughter in law is vietnamese but speaks pretty good Korean (i like her because her Korean is easy to understand and i feel like we have that foreigner bond). she has one boy that's almost two and is pregnant with a daughter and is due in like two weeks. anyways grace wants her daughter to have korean friends so she wanted to invite her to the church and was like oh and if she wants to learn about your gospel than that's cool too. So we had dinner with them and the bishop's family (their family is way tote) and we gave her a book of mormon in vietnamese and talked about how the book of mormon blesses families and the bishop and bishop's wife bore great testimony and it was cool. i don't really think she's interested, but we invited her and she's really nice and sweet so we'll see what happens.
sunday we had dinner at another members house and it was freaking booooomb. okay i am obsessed with sweet potato people. like koreans love it and i love it too. it's so delicious and the food they make is so delicious. mmmm korea. we talked about being steadfast and immovable (mosiah 5:15) and why it's important to build faith on Christ. Sunday I read Jesus the Christ too and that's an amazing book. I love learning about my Savior and I hope you all find times in your busy schedules to learn more about the Savior and study His words.
Love you so much. Til next week!! ^^
Sister Blick
ps. got a halloween package from our ward and it was the greatest thing ever!! they're so cute!! make sure they know i am so happy!!!

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