Friday, May 30, 2014

FYI: address update

Letters and Packages
To make sure you packages arrive quickly and without problems, here are a few suggestions:
1.     Make sure the contents are listed with their worth ($ amount). But keep the amount UNDER $80.00 or customs will charge a fee.
2.     You can send packages by:
a.      PRIORITY FLAT RATE BOX – this is sent through the regular post office and has no trouble at all getting to us.  The postal workers know where we are.  A large priority flat rate box gets here in about 10-15 days.  The box has no weight limit.  You just put as much as you can in the box and the price is the same.  Boxes arrive safely and in good condition.
We have had a problem with boxes from FEDEX.  They require a lot of documentation (detailed list of box content and value) and the passport number of the missionary.  It is very time consuming to get all the information they require.  If not done in specified time period, they will send the package back to you, at your expense.
Packages and Letters send to:
Missionary’s Name
Korea Seoul South Mission
29 Wiryeseong-dearo 22-gil, Songpa-gu,
Seoul, Korea  138-855
If your parents need to contact you in case of emergency, please have them call the Mission Office, 82-02-2232-8002.  
You will be able to call home twice a year, usually at Christmas and Mother’s Day for approximately 45 minutes.
It is important that each missionary has a personal card from his or her bank with parents as co-signers so the parents can add money as needed.  This money is to be used for personal items, such as clothing, cameras, or souvenirs.  Use funds from home for other necessary expenses, such as: medical expenses not paid by mission (medical care for preexisting conditions, co-payments, and normal eye or dental care), gifts, traffic fines damage that you caused to apartments by abuse or failure to maintain them properly.
If you have any questions please contact us.

Korea Seoul South Mission Office
Phone:  82-02-2232-8002
Email Address:

Monday, May 26, 2014

hi love you! i got my birthday packages so thank you so much!!! kell thanks for the necklace i freaked out when i got it i was so happy! and thanks for the candy. you all know me so well. made a delicious twice chocolate torte and it was delishhhh!
sorry i'm going to make this short but i just wanted to share what i thought about this morning for personal study. i was reading a talk from general conference (the joyful burden of discipleship) and i thought about the relationship we have with the Savior. now being a missionary I walk a lot so I pictured myself walking along a street just for miles. miles and miles and miles of street that just stretches on seemingly with no end. but I pictures the Savior right next to me. and sometimes I slow down because my feet are tired and I've been walking for hours and maybe it's raining or maybe it's hot but I slow down. and Christ just waits patiently and smiles. And then maybe I need to fix my shoe so I stop and bend down and wait a little while because I'm really tired. And Christ is still there just waiting and He smiles and just says Come on Caitlin let's go. and then i keep walking. And I just keep going. Because I know that whatever I face whatever I feel He will always be there to smile at me and fill me with light and call me by name and say come on let's go! patient and loving and kind.
This week in sunday school the guy that was teaching the class asked do you have righteous friends or are you a righteous friends? I was actually thinking about that this week and I just felt the strongest desire to always surround myself with people who lift me. People who inspire me and teach me. and that is all you! okay i love you! have a good week!!

Monday, May 19, 2014

hi lovelies!! hope you all had a great week! my birthday was great thank you all for asking :) got some wonderful gifts some including a glove full of edamame beans and lots of cake. we are going to the mission home tonight so i am super excited to get all of your packages and stuff! hopefully they are there or else i will be super let down...haha
i love everything that i learn here and i am learning so much. our investigator is very slowly changing but it's so awesome to see her changing. she reminds me of a little child sometimes just stubborn and wants to do what she wants but she can see the influence that we're having on her and i know that it's changing her and helping her come unto Christ and God. This week after church i asked her what she thought and she said this week i had some impression (which is like a miracle because when she first started coming she thought church was boring and wanted to leave as soon as she could) and i asked her what she learned and she said i think i need to think about my neighbors more (the speaker talked about the first and second greatest commandment of loving God and our neighbors) and I was like yes! you do that! she was happy and i was happy!
just wanted to share what i studied about today. i studied out of John 15 because our mission president asked us to read it to prepare for zone conference. it talks about Christ is the vine and we are the branches and how we must abide in Him but there's one part where he talks about how the disciples are His friends, not His servants, but His friends. And I thought about what it means to be Christ's friend and how friends are different than servants. Servants do what they are ordered usually because of the pay. they serve with the end reward in mind. friends serve each other out of love. They serve each other to sincerely serve the other with no reward in mind. And that is the attitude we must have in the church and concerning the gospel. Do we serve in our callings only because we are asked or with some end reward in mind? (some may think that a certain calling has no reward at all) or do we serve because we love the people we serve? because we love Christ and we know that His representive has asked us to? Think about your relationship with Christ? Is He your friend? I hope that answer is yes! Because it's great to have friends. especially Christ.
Kay well I'm done now! Have a good week hope you all know how much i love you!!
Sister Blickenstaff

Monday, May 5, 2014

hello hello helloooooooo! (please tell me you got that reference)
anywhoo. let me just tell you i am so happy the weather is getting nicer. everything is happier and nicer when the weather is good and outside is beautiful. it kind of makes me feel like i'm in california!
we had two new sisters move in with us and it's the best!!! seriously so much more fun and stress relieving than living with one person the whole time. funny how that's kind of the opposite when you get married because the more kids you have the more stressful it is...right? haha
i don't have a lot to say plus i want to keep emailing everyone else. gll!! haha oh congrats kaari!!!! your child's name is a little odd...hahaha jk 사랑하게될거예요....and happy late birthday to my favorite daddy. my birthday is next week what??? i turn 20. ewww. we are all so old!!
anyway my mission is the greatest thing. it has been hard and there are plenty of times to be disappointed and to throw pity parties but i've finally learned how to be happy. how? through the gospel. at the end of the day no matter what happens everything that i believe and that i teach is true. i wish i could tell you all about the people that i am teaching but that would take too long sorry! one of our investigators always asks me how was today? and every time i always say today was awesome! and she says why? how? how are you so happy? what do you believe that makes you that way? and it's because i love the book of mormon. it's because i love everything that i learn about the gospel. that even on the worst days i can be happy. and that is the greatest blessing from the gospel. it has a special power to make us happy. because of the spirit! i asked her what makes her happy and she says not a lot of things but she says whenever i'm with you i'm happy. and the other day i finally realized. well duh! we have the spirit with us and she feels the spirit when she's with us. it's not us making her happy it's the spirit! this gospel has the power to make people truly happy. people are trying so hard to find happiness in this life and they think they find it through drugs or alcohol or money. and yeah maybe that could bring happiness for a season. but true lasting happiness? you can't get that anywhere but from the gospel. And I firmly believe that.
i love you all and i hope you read the scriptures and words of the prophets at least a little EVERY DAY. it's so important. i can't even tell you how important it is. i know you're busy and i know life gets in the way. but it's too important to not do.
sister blick
hugs and kisses :))