Sunday, December 29, 2013

Hi all!! Love you so much. Can't believe I got to see your beautiful faces this past week. It feels like a million years ago really. It's getting colder and colder here and we've had a couple random snow storms. On thursday the weather was fine until we stepped outside and there was like a freak blizzard. we were far away enough from our house where we didn't want to go back and get our umbrellas and we thought we could tough it out. yeah we were definitely wrong. we were completely soaking wet by the time we got the store to buy umbrellas and we looked ridiculous. aka I looked like a wet dog. It was fun. I got home that night and scared myself when I looked in the mirror...that seems to happen a lot as a missionary I just care less about what I look like. Especially because everyone thinks we're freaks anyways walking around in the freezing cold in skirts. But it's all good!
This week we had the craziest investigator experience both me and Sister Gap were like we meet this guy who wants help with English but then was interested in the Book of Mormon and wants to find out why people like it so much. Turns out he's way good at English ask he teaches English and is a translator so he wanted to read the Book of Mormon in English because he wanted it to be original and not translated Korean. We were like okay....oh also he doesn't believe in God. He believes in humanity. He's like yeah basically we're kind of like machines and after we die it's like that's the end. Like when a tv breaks that's the end of the tv's life. How sad is that?? So our goal is to instill in this guy some hope through the gospel. Anyway he comes to our second meeting with this document he prepared that has the Book of Mormon line by line first in English and then in Korean. He's like yeah I found it on the internet and copied and pasted it and cut and paste so that I could go line by line. And we were like what the....what kind of person spends that much time on this?? He is seriously meticulous. It was the weirdest thing but awesome. And then he's like yeah so the first five clauses of the Book are really beautiful the way they are written. And we were like oh gosh this guy is way too smart for us...but the lesson turned out to be okay and he's really interested in reading the Book of Mormon so hopefully that will help him. I told him that he couldn't read it with the purpose of proving it wrong and he was like oh no I would never do that but then he said that he doesn't think he'll come to find that it was translated by God's power we'll see what happens. I told him to have an open mind and read it specifically paying attention to how he feels, not only the language (he's studying linguistics so that's why he's fascinated with the whole translation thing) but he's great and hopefully we'll get him to believe in God and have some hope.
Started reading in Matthew today simply about the beginning of Christ's life. Truly grateful for my Savior. In matthew 5:17 I think it talks about Christ going into Capernaum and how the people there are in the shadows of darkness but when Christ visits He brings them light. That's the same for us. If we let Christ into our lives, we let light into our lives, whatever that may mean for us whether it be happiness, peace, understanding, forgiveness. Christ's light overpowers the darkness but we must choose that light.
Love you all tons.
Remember to choose Christ every day!!
Love your favorite ever!!!
Sister Blick

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