Monday, December 9, 2013

hiiiiiiiiii i have so many things to tell you ahhh!!  This week was full of little miracles and it was great. oh also i uploaded new pictures on dropbox so check it out.
first funny things that happened.
i got a free coat! hahahah so this lady has been coming to English class for like eveeeer aka 3 years and she's been taught the lessons I think like a million times but that's a different story. anyway the first time i met her she was wearing this coat and i was like oh my gosh your coat is so cute i love it and it looks really warm. and she's like do you want it? you can have it. and I was like nooooo....i couldn't.....and i was like i'll pay you for it and she's like no! I don't want you to pay i'll just give it to you! and i was like sweeeeet. so she gave it to me and it's awesome and i love it. (awkward emoticon)
okay second thing this is just a weird story. so we were on our way to go advertise our english class and this guy walks up to us and is like here's my card and we were like oh do you want to learn english and we gave him a flyer. and he just looks at me and is like you're really pretty. call me. and i was like uhh...thanks...and then we walked away and he runs after us and points to the flyer and is like is this your number? if i call will you answer? and we were like yeah....and he's like oh you're missionaries? i'm Christian. okay i'll call and i can learn english and we can talk about god. And we were like what the....okay! So he calls and we set up an appointment and then the day of the appointment he texts us in the morning and is like yeah i can't meet with you anymore. he's like first i wanted to learn English from you because you are so beautiful but what your church teaches is wrong. And we were like oh you've learned about our church before? and he's like i looked on the internet. gosh people do you believe everything you see on the internet? so yeah we didn't end up meeting with him but it made for a good story.
so two awesome things happened this week! well lots of awesome things happen but these two are especially awesome. and it all has to do with the plan of salvation! So the first was monday night we were advertising our english class and this guy came up and stood next to me (i was holding a poster) so I said hi and asked him if he wanted to learn English and then he started speaking perfect English to me. Seriously that happens here a lot. Koreans are the smartest people on the Earth I think. anyway so we start talking about why i'm here and how there are a lot of different churches around and that he's been waiting for a long time to feel something special but he hasn't found it. and i was like HELLO WELCOME TO THE TRUTH! So for the next twenty minutes I talked to him about different aspects of the gospel like the Atonement, the Plan of Salvation, feeling the Spirit and how we can find truth through reading scriptures and making time for God. It was seriously the best. I talked to him about how even though I'm young I know that this church is true and I know that it brings hope and happiness into our lives. I talked to him about having faith and having hope and that life is hard sometimes but because of the Savior we can be happy and fight through the hard times. I was able to testify that God has a plan for us and because He loves us He wants us to find truth and knowledge and that if we make time for Him He will bless us with answers to our prayers. It was so great and saying that and testify just strengthened my testimony because everything I was saying was true. Everything I was saying was from the heart. So we got his number and hopefully can meet. He says he's busy during the week because of work so pray for me that we can meet with him on the weekends!!
then we started teaching this girl named Lee. She's actually Chinese and she's here going to Seoul University. She doesn't know Korean so we're teaching her in English which she's really good at. Anyway the first time we met we were trying to get to know her religious background a little bit and she opened up and told us about her experience about finding God. She said that her dad died a little while ago and that was really hard for her family because he was young and the death was sudden. She said that she had so many questions during that time and that she turned to God and the scriptures to find answers. She was talking about how she didn't know if she would see her dad again and she didn't know if he would go to heaven because he didn't really have religion and she wondered why that would happen to him. So she said she was reading the scriptures and she found her answer (which to be honest I didn't really get) but that she knew that her dad was alright and that God loved her. And we were like OH MY GOSH YOU ARE PERFECT so for the second time I was able to testify that she would see her dad again and talk about the plan of salvation and how Heavenly Father has a plan for all his children and I told her about Courtney and how that was hard for our family but because we know that we can see her again and live with her forever we have hope for the future and the eternities. She's so awesome and the Spirit was so strong and I love that I can teach about this true true forever true gospel because it's so glorious! Certain days of the week suck a lot but little things like this make the whole experience worth it.
Don't ever take for granted the knowledge that we have as members of the church. We are so lucky to have been raised in this glorious gospel. Thanks mom and dad for being such faithful examples to your children. Love you tons!!
Sister Blick
transfers are next week!!! ahh what will happen???

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