Sunday, January 19, 2014

hi fam bam. love you lots!
just wanted to remind you how important the words of the prophets are and how much they can bless our lives. I love studying talks from conference and it is reconfirmed to me all the time that we are led by men who are called of God. I've thought a lot this week about potential. In the april conference last year elder Ballard I think gave a talk called "this is my work and my glory." amazing. He talks about the priesthood power and I think sometimes members don't realize how amazing the priesthood is. Do you realize that the men in our family hold the same priesthood that Christ used to create the heavens,to heal the sick and perform all the miracles He did, and to endure the sufferings in Gethsemane for all mankind. That is why it is so sacred and important to be worthy of the preisthood. in his talk he relate a story about a little girl who was growing a tomato plant. she was amazed that from one seed you grow some tomatoes which has so many seeds which if they are planted grow more tomatoes--she said pretty soon you'll have a million tomatoes! then she said "i almost killed my plant" she left it in a dark room and didn't nourish it and when she went to look at it it was all withered. she was sad that she ruined it but her mother said she could nourish it back to life, so she gave it water and sunlight and sure enough the tomato plant came back to life. we have so much potential as Heavenly Father's children. but sometimes we forget it. and sometimes we can get a little withered. we get stressed out with life and feel like the world is on our shoulders and how could i possibly get through this and how could I possible feel love and peace through this experience? but thinking that is like putting our plant in a dark room and forgetting about it. but when we water it and give it sunlight by reading our scriptures, praying, studying the words of the prophets, being positive, recognizing our blessings, we are no longer withered and we are reminded of our potential. aka don't be a withered tomato plant.
we went to a less actives house this week and during our message she walked into the other room and stood on a chair and pulled out her scriptures from the top shelf of this tall bookcase. she proceeded to dust off her scriptures and then opened them and searched them. later my companion said if your scriptures are dusty, your testimony is dusty. don't ever let your scriptures get dusty! they will lead us to Christ no matter where the heck we are in life.
also we met a man named Igor last night and we just couldn't get over the fact that his name was Igor.
also holy moly how could I forget I ATE A WHOLE CHICKEN BY MYSELF. it was stuffed with rice and peanuts. yes peanuts. and it was a whole chicken that i had to tear apart limb by limb to eat it. it was the worst experience of my life. when koreans feed you, they feed you. until you never want to eat ever again. but i have to say i have gotten exceptionally good at stuffing myself full of food that i do not want to eat. it's a talent. but really that was the worst thing. and they didn't give us water so we were like dying of thirst. fun times. there will be pictures to follow. okay i can't think of anything else to write so i'm gonna go!
love you love youu
Sister Blick

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