Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hi family! I wasn't going to write you because I have like zero time but I felt bad because so many cool things happened this week!
So our investigator that was supposed to get baptized, but didn't because her parents said no, we were trying to contact her to see if we could just meet not to teach her anything but talk to her about how she felt and what happened and just keep a relationship up. But she didn't answer our calls or texts so we thought maybe her parents wouldn't let her. well she randomly came to english class on saturday it was the happiest day of my life and we were jumping up and down hugging for like three minutes straight. and then the next day SHE CAME TO CHURCH!!! it was seriously a miracle and we were so grateful. It was amazing. we're meeting her tonight to get some hot chocolate and we're so excited that she's able to keep contact with the church. Hopefully the Lord softened the heart of the parents and everything will work out the way the Lord wants to.
Another thing so we went to meet with Lee on Seoul National University campus--that was weird I felt like I was back at BYU but anyway--so after an awesome lesson with her. She's super changing we can tell. The Lord is working on her! We were super nervous because she's leaving in about two weeks to go to Russia for a month to study tigers (yeah she's super cool) and we didn't know if her conviction to learn about the church was solid yet. every time we taught her it was great but she was just kind of like yeah that sounds good, okay that makes sense, yeah sounds good, with no real umph or light. Turns out she had some concerns and questions that we were able to answer and resolve. I was on exchanges when we taught and Lee was like yeah I want to read the Book of Mormon but I want to know like the history and background and so we explained to her about it and the sister I was teaching with was like the history is important, but if I gave you Harry Potter and told you it was a really good book you wouldn't go and research it to figure out if it was good, you would read it! She's like it's the same with the Book of Mormon, you can't know that it's a good book or that's it's true by researching about it, you have to actually read it! And she was like okay I'll read it! So that was a breakthrough and we think that even when she leaves, if she can keep reading the Book of Mormon while she's in Russia, she'll be golden when she comes back.
So we met another guy while we were there. Lee asked us if we wanted to see the lab she works in she we went there and she introduced us to this American that works there and we talked to him for a while about religion and it was an awesome conversation. Sister Florence (the sister i was on exchanges with she's awesome i love her) was enlightened while we were teaching and I thought I would share what she learned. So this guy is kind of a hippy, very into conservation, and was talking about becoming one with nature kind of and Sister F was like they always say that become one with nature, and she's like I never understood it, but as he was talking she thought of the scripture that talks about how we are made of the dust of the earth and how we are lower than the dust of the earth because we are disobedient. She said I finally get it! You become one with nature by being obedient to God. When God says to the mountains move, they move--they are so obedient. But we being humans, even though we are made up of the dust of the earth, are still disobedient. But by being obedient, we can become one with nature and be more in tune with our Heavenly Father. It was a cool experience. Love the Spirit.
Okay well I love you!! Kaari I took some sweet selfies for you but I have no time to send them. sorry!! till next week ;o;o;o;o;o;o;o;o;o
Love you!!!
Sister Blick

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