Monday, April 7, 2014

hello family! hope you are doing well and you all watched general conference like you're supposed to! i haven't watched it yet because we get it a week later here in the asian side of the universe. so i am very much looking forward to it this week!
this week i finished the Book of Mormon! and started it again! seriously the greatest book ever. I was just thinking about the first verse of the Book of Mormon and how Nephi says that he has seen many afflictions in his day NEVERTHELESS, he was highly favored of the Lord. okay caps lock was a bit excessive for that...irregardless! okay haha i'll stop i'll I think that that is so amazing (by the way Nephi is like my favorite prophet ever he's awesome and has the greatest faith and willingness ever) that he still knows that the Lord loves him enough to say he's highly favored of the Lord despite seeing many afflictions throughout his life. Just reminds me that Heavenly Father sends us trials to bless us. He sends us trials because He loves us. Now to the logical mind that makes no sense. But good thing that's what the Spirit is for! I hope that despite the different trials we face whatever they may be that you will always be confident that the Lord loves you and that you are highly favored of the Lord.
My ward is awesome and I love them to death. Our bishop is hilarious and he loves to play the violin and my comp plays the violin so this past sunday we did a trio! it was during fast and testimony meeting so that was a little odd but it was a testimony through music! over my mission i've really come to appreciate the spirit that music can bring into our lives. I found that when I'm stressed out when I put on music and not only just listen but focus on the words (of course all my music focuses on the Savior and such right now) I am able to feel more at peace. Especially you sisters with kids church music is such a good way to make sure the Spirit is in your home and even though your kids are little, they can still feel the influence of the Spirit and that will have an influence on them for their whole lives.
keep looking for the miracles in your week and remember that small miracles are still miracles! love you too much!
Sister Blick

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