Monday, April 28, 2014

hello loving family! I Korean grammar in to write try want to. this week I miracles saw! Sister Burton the missionaries to spoke! I a lot of things learned.
OOkay that is way to hard. but that's a little taste of Korean for you!
anyway this week was awesome! We got to listen to Sister Burton and Sister Oscarson speak! They are great and I was just thinking of what it must like to be in their position. I can't even imagine. I would feel a lot of pressure...
Anyway I have like no time. But I just want to tell you one of my favorite things as a missionary. I love when investigators pray for the first time. I absolutely love it. It's always so sincere and so simple. We met with our investigator last night in the rain in the park and sat under a little covered porch thing ( they have a lot of those in Korea) and taught him about prophets and Jesus Christ and about prayer. And at the end I invited Him to pray and it's just the greatest thing to hear. To know that someone is taking an important step to communicate with Heavenly Father and to know truth.
Missionary work is great. And the members in Korean are so excited to have so many missionaries coming out, but some people might get the idea that because there are so many missionaries, they don't have to participate. Please don't ever think that! The missionaries need the member's help more than ever. Member's can open so many more doors than missionaries can. And sometimes we're scared because sharing the gospel is hard and we might not know how. (I never even thought about it before my mission really) But ask the missionaries for help! I promise they will help you and I promise if you engage in this work you will see SO many blessings in your life you will not even be able to count them.
I love you all so much and I hope you know and feel that even though I am far away in distance. You are all in my heart wherever I am. Love you to pieces!!
Sister Blickenstaff

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