Monday, August 11, 2014


jjjjkkkkk stop freaking out people. anyway i love you! and this week was awesome per usual. life as a missionary is da best.
so the best part about last week was yesterday! sunday's are great. so sacrament meeting started and Sister Choi still hadn't arrived at church. she sometimes comes a little late so i wasn't worried but then we started singing the sacrament hymn and she hadn't come yet. started getting nervous. took the sacrament and she still hadn't come! so after i texted her and asked where she was she texted back sorry i'm late well at least i knew she was coming. she showed up maybe halfway through the meeting and i think she enjoyed the talk that was being given. after the meeting was over she said that morning her husband wanted her to make breakfast for the family but she doesn't like cooking. she said he was playing the piano and she likes it but he kept playing and wouldn't help her and just told her to make breakfast so she was upset and got frustrated. she said it was 11 oclock and i knew i needed to go to church but my husband insisted on us eating breakfast together as a family but i was mad so i just ate by myself and my daughter wanted to come to church today but she took too long to get ready so i just left by myself and that's why i was late. oh bless her heart. she asked me what do you do in that situation? i hate cooking! and my husband always wants me to cook and i hate it! what do i do? and i was like...uhhh...she she's like what is something that you don't like doing? and i was like oh! I hate cleaning. especially vacuuming and my mom told me i had to vacuum the house every week and clean my room! and she says okay so what did you do? and i thought for a second and i said well i usually think about the worst possible outcome. will i die? no. will mom be happy? yes. will i be a little frustrated? probably but i'll get over it. can i do whatever i want after i'm done? yes. so maybe there are some negative outcomes but the postivie outcomes outweight the negative outcomes, so i would just get it done and then i wouldn't have to worry about it anymore! and sometimes it was hard because i didn't want to do it but it's okay i still did it. and she said okay i'll try that. SO that night our bishop had invited her over for dinner which was super awesome becaaause whenever we talk to her about baptism she also says she's worried that if we leave she thinks it would be hard for her to go to church because she has no friends and she is shy and i was like yeah that's why you make friends because we are going to leave no matter what and when you have friends in the ward you can strengthen each other and help each other live the gospel. so that is what we are trying to help her do--make friends. but she's really shy so it's kind of hard. sooo we went to our bishops and she brought her daughter!! when she first came in she was like i don't like this mood i'm awkward i don't know what to say or what to do. and i was like okay calm down you are fine just be normal for goodness sakes! anyway we started eating dinner and they hit it off great! just talked and talked and then the conversation got geared towards church and she brought up all her concerns that she has brought up to us like a million and one times and it was so nice to have her hear basically the same answer we give but from a member, someone who's "more like her" and who she can really relate to. she said she's nervous about baptism because she doesn't know a lot of things, but she likes the gospel and she said she likes the influence we have on her. she's like for example this morning i got in a fight with my husband and i asked her what to do and she gave me the answer so i went home and cooked for my husband and it was okay! or bishops wife said that before she got baptized she kept giving the msisionaries excuses like i'm busy i can't get baptized this week or i'm studying for this test, after my test i'll think about it. she said that she told herself she wanted to be more sure, and when she felt absolutely sure about everything about the gospel, then she would get baptized. but she said the missionaries were insistant on her getting baptized and kept bugging her and finally she just got baptized. and she said now when i think about it, i think that if i didn't get baptized when i did, i don't know if i ever would have gotten baptized, i would've come up with more reasons and excuses and just never made the decision. and when i look back on my life at all the blessings that i'm gotten from the gospel i really am grateful that they pushed me to get baptized. our bishop talked to her about receiving the gift of the holy ghost and how that will help her so much and give her strength to keep the commandments and the covenants she makes with God. it was great. and then we played a fun game that everyone loved and it was definitely a successful night. she is planning to get baptized on the 24th! we know it will bless her life soo so so much. pray for her please!
also we get to see sister park get baptized this sunday so we are excited for that!
anyways that's pretty much it for last week. there was probably other stuff but i can't remember. sorryyyy. love you tons! hey guess what next week i hit my year in country mark! ew.
kay love you lots!!
Sister blickenstaff

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