Friday, August 9, 2013


AHHHHH I got my flight plans last night and it was greatest thing ever we basically had a party. okaaaay let's be honest we party like every night. and by party i mean we go back to our room and stuff our faces with food. basically i have no time to write in my journal because i'm just sitting there talking and eating for most of the hour that i have to get ready. whooooops hahahaha oh well. i only have a week and half left can you believe it?!?!?!?!
okay i spent most of my time writing mom and dad so i'll make this quick. i love you all and i hope i get to talk to all of you before i go to korea. basically i'm super depressed that i won't get to hear from you every day through the dearelders but it's okay i'll deal. so i leave next monday morning at 2:30 in the morning wahhhh so early. and my flight leaves at 6 from SLC so hopefully I'll be able to call mom and dad then?? because the timing should be best for them then. i fly to dallas, texas first. i know so random. and i get there at 9:40 i'm not sure if it's texas time though.... then i have an hour layover and i fly straight to seoul after that. sooooo figure out when you want to talk to me and make sure that you are glued to your phones so that you don't miss my call. also there was a sister that left three weeks ago that had her family send like a cheapo pre-paid one time phone kind of them and they just loaded it up with minutes instead of my buying like a million phone cards or paying it with my debit card because i guess it's really expensive. so if any of you are smart enough...jacob...if you know what i'm talking about if you could make that happen that would be the greatest. and just have like Kris send it to me or something. also I'm the travel leader. what uuuup!!!! jk that means nothing except i have to keep an eye on 16 missionaries and make sure we don't die on the way to korea.
anyway this week has been hard but good. we did an activity where we thought about the missionary we wanted to be as we stepped off the plane to come home and that was really cool. At the mission conference on Sunday we talked about how we are literally taking Christ's place. We are preaching Hi gospel because He is not down here doing it himself. And i know that should be like super obvious but i never really thought about it that way. Am I doing/teaching/saying the things that Christ would do if He were down here teaching? Because that's our duty as members. To share the light and joy of the restored gospel because Christ is not down here doing it himself. Are we representing the Lord well? I know that seems overwhelming it definitly was to me, but I also studied a lot about faith this week. And really everything in life comes down to faith that's why it's such an important concept to understand and such an important attribute to strive for and develop throughout life. I think about the bajillion plus weaknesses I have and get overwhelmed with how I'm ever supposed to do this, but it comes down to me having faith that even though I have weaknesses, the Lord will give me strength (if i humble myself of course) to over come them. The Lord seriously gives us everything we need. He gives us weaknesses but he also gives us strengths and strength to overcome our weaknesses. My teacher is inspired and shared Matthew 15:22-28 with us and how at first it seems like the Lord is ignoring her and isn't listening to her cries for help. But it was because He ws trying her faith. And only after she continued to cry unto God was she granted her desire. Sometimes it seems like Heavenly Father isn't answering our prayers, but that's because we expect Him to answer them five seconds after we ask them. This whole life is a trial of our faith. And if we have faith that God will answer our prayers, He will. But we must have faith first. It's not he answers our prayers and then we have more faith. It's we have faith FIRST and then He will bless. Kind of like the Brother of Jared. If you read in the scriptures. It says that the stones were lighted and THEN the veil was lifted and he saw God's finger. It was only after he had faith that he saw the finger of God and then His whole being. So have faith!!
Love you tons and tons and tons. Thanks sisters for your package. I love the anchor!!!! In PMG it says that hope is the anchor of the soul. PERFECT. Love you tons and tons again....
Sister Blickenstaff
I only have one more week at the MTC so make the letters good!!!!!
And send me a phone

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