Friday, August 2, 2013

Our first baptism!
All of us at the baptism
The Korean sisters that were here. They are so cute and made me even more excited to go to Korea even though I don't speak the language!
 Me with a bunch of the Sisters that left. I love them all!
 The Korean Elders are sooooo hilarious I love them all 
 These two were in my ward at BYU. He's going to Australia, Korean speaking and she's going to Seoul
Me and the Jahsue going super far apart 
 Me being super ugly next to mom and dad. Literally every time I go past there I'm like HEY EVERYONE WANT TO SEE MY PARENTS????
Me and a friend from high school
 Us and the Jahsue. Turns out Sister H knows him too


  1. Also, I'm pretty sure that horrific funny face pic was never supposed to be publicly shown...Kell....