Sunday, February 16, 2014

hi hi hiiii!!! new area new comp new news!!
okay last week was an interesting progression. first i was way sad because i was leaving my old area and all my investigators. but seriously the best miracles happened. so i wanted to meet lee before i left plus she was going to Russia for a month and we needed to meet with her before she left. So I called her to see if we could meet and it turned out she was packing to leave super early the next morning for a boat to China and she couldn't meet again. BUT she was like yeah so I decided to read the Book of Mormon while I'm in Russia. I was like WHAT???? she's like at first I wasn't sure and I didn't really want to, but now I want to so I'm going to read it while I'm gone and then I can meet when I get back. Oh my gosh first best news of the week!!!
Then the next day we went to go meet with Will (the guy that's like a hippy) but he doesn't have a phone so we couldn't set up an appointment, but I remembered where the lab was that he worked out. I was super nervous to go there because I thought it would be awkward walking on the university campus and just going into the lab like hey is will here? not knowing if he would actually be there. but he was!! and during our lesson he ALSO said yeah so I'm going to read the Book of Mormon while I'm in Russia (he's going with Lee, they work in the same lab at school). And me Sister Gap were like WHAAAT??? yeah it was awesome.
then i moved to my new area and they have two investigators with baptismal dates okay what? and other investigators with lots and lots of potential. it's kind of sad because i feel like they're not really my investigators because i didn't teach them really but it's still exciting!
So I've been studying out of the Book of Mormon lately (my new comp is pretty quiet so I have a lot of time to myself) and I love it. Alma is the best seriously. I've been reading out of the war chapters and sometimes it's hard to see how those are really relevant, but I have learned SO much from them. I don't really have time to explain all of it now, but it just goes to show that when we ask Heavenly Father to open our minds and teach us, He will. Through scripture study, and through feasting on the words, we can learn so much through the spirit. Our minds can be enlightened! It's amazing. So read the scriptures. But don't just read. Ask questions. Ponder. Pray. Feast! Love you all
Sister Blick

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