Monday, February 17, 2014

hi family!! get. this. this wednesday is my six month mark in country. how crazy is that!!! aka i've been living in south korea for half a year. what the. unbelievable. also another crazy thing. they eat this stuff called 떡 and it's like rice cake stuff. anyways the other day i realized uh i grew up eating this. what is it?? STICKIES!!! hahah they just eat it in like soup and different stuff too so i never thought about it before. i was dying.
so i'm pretty much obsessed with the Book of Mormon. it's literally the greatest thing in the whole world and I wish I could just read it forever and ever.
oh just remembered that i have to email my investigators that are in russiaaa!!!
okay well we have an investigator that's getting baptized this saturday! her english name is gloria and she's 14 i think. maybe 15. she's super cute and it's like a miracle because at first her mom said no because she said she thought she was too young to make that decision but she finally gave her permission!
we have another investigator who's 11 and her name is en ji. she is hilarious. i love her and she's supposed to get baptized in about a month. she came to church for the first time yesterday and asked what the sacrament was so i explained it to her and she's like ooooh. so when the water came around she drank it and then says the equivalent of mm that water was delicious. hahah i was dying inside.
we have another investigator that has a date for april but i'm kind of worried about her because the reason she started investigating the church is because her boyfriend is a member and he won't get married outside of the temple...she didn't have a religion growing up so she doesn't really know anything about God or Christ. But hopefully her desire to learn will deepen and she'll want to learn for herself not just to get married. her name is sister chway. okay i am horrible at romanizing korean so sorry.
anyway Heavenly Father sent some miracles my way this week He was very nice to me.
read the book of mormon people. and be converted unto the Lord. Love you!!
Sister Blick

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