Monday, February 24, 2014

okay what the heck i'm waiting here to hear about this supposedly newborn baby that i'm missing out on???
the weeks fly past seriously i don't even understand.
okay cool things this week.
i went to the temple. to the korean session. what? yeah i know. it was crazy.
it was soooo awesome though. i had a translator obviously so that i could understand the covenants i was making, but for the most part i just listened to the korean and i could understand a lot of it! it was awesome and I paid attention super well haha. going to the temple as a missionary is like the best but it's so hard because you are literally exhausted so it's super easy to accidentally fall asleep in the middle of the session. anwyay when i get up to the veil apparently the thought i could speak korean or something because they put me with a host that didn't speak english i was like uhhh...she was like can you speak korean? and i was like uh not for this....and she was like fussing around and i noticed she had a card thing with what to say on it so i was like i can read the korean and i know what it means in english and she's like okay. so i start doing it and turns out it's President Morrise behind the veil and he realized that I was an American missionary so he just started speaking English, but then I forgot the last part and she couldn't help me and he couldn't say anything so i was like freaking out. and i just ended up reading it off the sheet in Korean. it was crazy. kind of stressful and I'll definitely never forget that experience.
anyway the temple is always so special. i just sit in the celestial room and i know that that is what it will be like in the celestial kingdom. except i was thinking about it later and the only thing that will be different is that we won't have to feel like we never want to leave because we won't have to!! can't wait for the day where we can live together forever in paradise! that goal keeps me going in life!
second cool thing. we had a baptism!!! (excuse my fatness and horrible hair in the pic) it was so good. it was kind of weird because i didn't actually teach her any of the actual lessons so she wasn't really "my investigator" but it was still an amazing experience obviously. and for sure i'm baptizing all my friends when i get home because the church is literally the best thing in the whole world and why would anyone reject it???? for real though. the church is true and the book of mormon is the single greatest book in the world. i think i told you i'm a little obsessed with it. well that still goes for this week. also i love general conference. can you believe it's almost time for another general conference?? what the heck weird.
oh my gosh third cool thing.
so we were riding the subway (i went to gangnam and had mexican food on our pday after the temple but that's a different story) and i noticed this lady was reading the bible. aka perfect in to talk to her. so i was like heeeeyyy are you perhaps reading the bible?? and she's like yeah...and i was like well cool i'm a missionary!! and then we started talking about the book of mormon and she took it and looked at it and read part of the intro and was asking questions about it and gave it back and i was like oh well if you want to read it you can have it and she was like ah i'm okay i don't know that much about it (koreans use that excuse for everything. seriously if you don't know much about it then read it people!!) so i was like okay well can i have your number so we can teach you more about it and she was like it's okay. but i didn't stop there!! i pulled out a pamphlet and she was looking through it and i taught to her about how prophets are important and how that's our message today that we have a prophet that restored Christ's original church! (how great of a message is that seriously) and I talked to her about Joseph Smith and the priesthood and then how we can know if it's true by praying of course! And then it was our stop and i was like NO i have to get her number! but she already rejected me once...but i didn't care haha so i was like well can i have your number so we can talk about questions you have? and she like moves around and reaches in her pocket and gives me her business card!! i was like cool thanks see you later since i had to get off. but it was so awesome such a miracle!! Heavenly Father blessed me on that one. Okay well he blesses me on a lot of things. for real though. Serving with a Korean makes me wonder how I did any missionary work with an American. yeah it's called this is the Lord's work and He does everything and I do nothing. Crazy crazy blessings.
Okay that was super long. well love you!!
have a good week!!
Sister BLick

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