Monday, March 31, 2014

hello loving family!!
this week was quite an adventure! full of miracles and me getting lost and dragging this poor new missionary around everywhere. but we have fun so it's all good!
just thought i'd tell you one thing i learned this week from one of our investigators. some other sisters were teaching her, but since she lives in our area, they referred her to us so we will teach her now.
the whole time we taught her she was talking about how in church there is one path and how she thinks it's too restrictive and she wants to experience the bad, she wants to live life in a zigzag pattern. and the whole time i was thinking but heavenly father has given us everything to protect us! He gives us these commandments so that we can be more free, so that we don't have to experience the sorrow that comes from the world. He wants us to be as happy as we can and yes sometimes we go off the path and fall down and we can come back but why would we ever want to do that willingly? He lets us know exactly why we should be doing the things that He tells us to do. He gives us everything!
I don't have a lot of time, but just be grateful that we have commandments that protect and allow us to live happier than we could without them. AllHeavenly Father wants is for us to be happy and He even prepares the way for us to be happy! How great is that? He's the best ever!!
Okay have a good week and I'll try to write better emails but I get distracted!! Sorry!!
Kay love you

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