Monday, March 10, 2014

hello family! i guess i should write a big email...i don't remember the last time i bad. i just email you all individually and i like that a lot more honestly haha. but anyways. everything is going pretty good here! we have the cutest investigator i think i told you about her already maybe. anyway she's eleven korean age which i realized the other day means she's like 9 in american age. but she lost her tooth the other day and told me to take it back to america with me and have the toothfairy send her presents because they don't believe in the toothfairy here. but anyway she's so sweet. it's hard preparing her for baptism because she's so young, but hello we were baptized when we were eight! and how did we learn? from reading and learning about the book of mormon stories and going to church. she's super cute when she prays, they are so sincere and remind me of how i should make my prayers more sincere.
okay well don't have much to say....i was going to write about something that i studied this morning or this week but i can't remember. sorry! til next week!
love you!

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