Monday, March 17, 2014

hi family!! okay sorry sorry sorry i am so sorry. i haven't told you anything about anything for like the past forever. mother has brought me to repentance. i will try to fill you in.
the past six weeks has gone by soooo fast seriously. we're at a new transfer and guess what? I get to train! i am so excited. also I'm going to a new area where there have never been sisters before so I'm opening the area. aka we will have no investigators and lots of time! but that's the best!!
Working with Sister Han turned out to be really good. She is a great missionary and so converted to the gospel and she was a great example to me. I can't believe that only after one transfer I am leaving. at the beginning we were just companions. and we worked fine together. she was senior companion and she takes that pretty seriously so i was kind of just there to go along with whatever she planned. it was good but it wasn't really fun. so then i decided that i would try to become her friend. i mean missionary work is hard enough but if you don't have a friend to do it with it just is the worst. so I really tried to be loving and have fun with her and the last half of the transfer has been so fun! we've had so many funny moments together and we've become friends and i think it was such a blessing.
we had an interesting experience this past week that was tough for both of us. aka i was just reminded of all the scriptures that talks about how those who persecute the followers of Christ will receive their reward in the end. we went to go visit a house that supposedly a member lived at but he is not active so we were going to see if he still lived there. so we got there and the lady told us that he didn't live there but we can never tell if they're lying. so we went down to there mailbox and turns out he does live there. so we went back to the apartment to put a message on his door and the lady came out and freaked out us. we put a picture of the ward missionaries on the door and she ripped it off and threw it on the ground. she was yelling and pushed my companion and then reached in my companion's pockets and pulled out phone and called the police. Sister Han was trying to explain that we just came to visit because her husband is a member but she would not listen to us and she kept yelling and she didn't understand who we were. Her eyes were so dark and her mouth was kind of bloody. we knew that his wife was sick but we didn't know what was going on. she was just yelling at us the whole time while we were waiting for the police to come. finally they came and as the lady and my companion were talking you could distinctly tell the difference between the two. the lady was fuming mad and my companion was just quiet and trying to help the misunderstanding. it was a very scary situation. and i can't quite describe it but the feeling was just so wrong. i was holding it together until i looked at my companion and her eyes were all red and she was trying to hold back tears which automatically made me start crying. i was praying so hard that everything would be alright and that the police would understood us. and they did because the lady turned out to be an alcoholic and struggling and so the police escorted us out and you could tell they felt bad for us. expecially since i was a foreigner i think. but it was just a crazy experience but it made me proud to be a missionary. in the weirdest way. i was grateful to take that harshness and to know that i was being persecuted for christ's sake. and to know that he endured so much more for me.
okay i love you and i wish i could write more but i have to go time's up!! hopefullly i'm alive next week! love you tons. bye!!!

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