Monday, May 5, 2014

hello hello helloooooooo! (please tell me you got that reference)
anywhoo. let me just tell you i am so happy the weather is getting nicer. everything is happier and nicer when the weather is good and outside is beautiful. it kind of makes me feel like i'm in california!
we had two new sisters move in with us and it's the best!!! seriously so much more fun and stress relieving than living with one person the whole time. funny how that's kind of the opposite when you get married because the more kids you have the more stressful it is...right? haha
i don't have a lot to say plus i want to keep emailing everyone else. gll!! haha oh congrats kaari!!!! your child's name is a little odd...hahaha jk 사랑하게될거예요....and happy late birthday to my favorite daddy. my birthday is next week what??? i turn 20. ewww. we are all so old!!
anyway my mission is the greatest thing. it has been hard and there are plenty of times to be disappointed and to throw pity parties but i've finally learned how to be happy. how? through the gospel. at the end of the day no matter what happens everything that i believe and that i teach is true. i wish i could tell you all about the people that i am teaching but that would take too long sorry! one of our investigators always asks me how was today? and every time i always say today was awesome! and she says why? how? how are you so happy? what do you believe that makes you that way? and it's because i love the book of mormon. it's because i love everything that i learn about the gospel. that even on the worst days i can be happy. and that is the greatest blessing from the gospel. it has a special power to make us happy. because of the spirit! i asked her what makes her happy and she says not a lot of things but she says whenever i'm with you i'm happy. and the other day i finally realized. well duh! we have the spirit with us and she feels the spirit when she's with us. it's not us making her happy it's the spirit! this gospel has the power to make people truly happy. people are trying so hard to find happiness in this life and they think they find it through drugs or alcohol or money. and yeah maybe that could bring happiness for a season. but true lasting happiness? you can't get that anywhere but from the gospel. And I firmly believe that.
i love you all and i hope you read the scriptures and words of the prophets at least a little EVERY DAY. it's so important. i can't even tell you how important it is. i know you're busy and i know life gets in the way. but it's too important to not do.
sister blick
hugs and kisses :))

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