Monday, May 26, 2014

hi love you! i got my birthday packages so thank you so much!!! kell thanks for the necklace i freaked out when i got it i was so happy! and thanks for the candy. you all know me so well. made a delicious twice chocolate torte and it was delishhhh!
sorry i'm going to make this short but i just wanted to share what i thought about this morning for personal study. i was reading a talk from general conference (the joyful burden of discipleship) and i thought about the relationship we have with the Savior. now being a missionary I walk a lot so I pictured myself walking along a street just for miles. miles and miles and miles of street that just stretches on seemingly with no end. but I pictures the Savior right next to me. and sometimes I slow down because my feet are tired and I've been walking for hours and maybe it's raining or maybe it's hot but I slow down. and Christ just waits patiently and smiles. And then maybe I need to fix my shoe so I stop and bend down and wait a little while because I'm really tired. And Christ is still there just waiting and He smiles and just says Come on Caitlin let's go. and then i keep walking. And I just keep going. Because I know that whatever I face whatever I feel He will always be there to smile at me and fill me with light and call me by name and say come on let's go! patient and loving and kind.
This week in sunday school the guy that was teaching the class asked do you have righteous friends or are you a righteous friends? I was actually thinking about that this week and I just felt the strongest desire to always surround myself with people who lift me. People who inspire me and teach me. and that is all you! okay i love you! have a good week!!

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