Friday, May 30, 2014

FYI: address update

Letters and Packages
To make sure you packages arrive quickly and without problems, here are a few suggestions:
1.     Make sure the contents are listed with their worth ($ amount). But keep the amount UNDER $80.00 or customs will charge a fee.
2.     You can send packages by:
a.      PRIORITY FLAT RATE BOX – this is sent through the regular post office and has no trouble at all getting to us.  The postal workers know where we are.  A large priority flat rate box gets here in about 10-15 days.  The box has no weight limit.  You just put as much as you can in the box and the price is the same.  Boxes arrive safely and in good condition.
We have had a problem with boxes from FEDEX.  They require a lot of documentation (detailed list of box content and value) and the passport number of the missionary.  It is very time consuming to get all the information they require.  If not done in specified time period, they will send the package back to you, at your expense.
Packages and Letters send to:
Missionary’s Name
Korea Seoul South Mission
29 Wiryeseong-dearo 22-gil, Songpa-gu,
Seoul, Korea  138-855
If your parents need to contact you in case of emergency, please have them call the Mission Office, 82-02-2232-8002.  
You will be able to call home twice a year, usually at Christmas and Mother’s Day for approximately 45 minutes.
It is important that each missionary has a personal card from his or her bank with parents as co-signers so the parents can add money as needed.  This money is to be used for personal items, such as clothing, cameras, or souvenirs.  Use funds from home for other necessary expenses, such as: medical expenses not paid by mission (medical care for preexisting conditions, co-payments, and normal eye or dental care), gifts, traffic fines damage that you caused to apartments by abuse or failure to maintain them properly.
If you have any questions please contact us.

Korea Seoul South Mission Office
Phone:  82-02-2232-8002
Email Address:

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