Monday, July 21, 2014

hello hello hello family! good news. i'm not leaving. also good news. my companion is not leaving. i was kind of freaking out but we are so happy that we get to stay together in our ward!
also I forgot to tell you last week. remember Lee? yeah she got baptized!!! I didn't get to go to her baptism but Sister Gapinski did and she showed me pictures and it was sooo awesome. Lee looked so so happy and I was just so happy for her I couldn't express how I felt. She was so prepared!
this week we got to go to the temple and it was awesome just as usual. i just love the feeling i get in the celestial room. it makes me never want to leave. i always tell myself i'm not going to spend a lot of time in there and then i get there and i never want to leave. so peaceful. just a feeling that you can't get anywhere else i think.
this week we also sang in sacrament meeting and not going to lie me and sister hoffman sound great together. really i'm just mediocre (all the time hehe) and her gorgeous voice makes mine sound not so bad so we're a good pair. but one of our members came up to us after and was telling her how beautiful it was and how much she felt the spirit and we knew that it affected her a lot because she has a daughter serving a mission too right now. she started crying and i asked her if she thought about her daughter and she said yes. mom do you ever think about me when you see the sister missionaries working??^^ we sang I need thee every hour and it was really awesome. brought the spirit really strongly to sacrament meeting.
oh my gosh miracle! taught us how important saying hi to everyone is. so whenever we go to the temple we don't have p-day that week until the thursday we go to the temple. so after the temple we went shopping and took sticker pictures (yes that is a real thing and yes they are awesome i've done it twice) also we got house shirts they are all matching and have a large whale on them they are so cute but that's a different story. so we just went back home didn't have big plans for the night so we just went outside to proselyte. as we were walking out of our apartment complex we pass this lady and her daughter and we kind of say under our breath she is cute and we pass her and the lady says wait do you speak Korean and we're like yeah kind of...( never know how to answer that question) anyway she's like oh my gosh I want to learn English but I'm so busy and i have my daughter and I go to a class but it's not personal, so can you come to my house and teach me English. and we were like uhm YES. she was like a while ago you said hi to me and my daughter one day while you were walking out and I thought the next time I see them I need to ask them if they can help me! So we set up an appointment and we're meeting her tonight! it was so random and a little miracle that Heavenly Father blessed us with :)
so  our investigator moved to Seoul so another set of missionaries is teaching her. sad that she had to leave but we are happy because the work is getting done nonetheless! the sisters that are teaching her now told us that their ward really really needs her and they know she will help the ward out a lot so we are happy that she was sent somewhere where she is needed more. the sisters told us about how she moved to her new house. apparently she contacted the leasers and they didn't get back to her for forever and the night before she was going to contract with some other place they randomly texted her so she went and checked it out and it was exactly what she wanted and she made a contract with her! what if she had moved somewhere like out of our mission boundaries or to another area?? the Lord really watches over his children seriously!! it's amazing.
had an interesting experience teaching our buddhist investigator. we talked about the atonement this week and how because of Christ we can be free from our sins and she says she doesn't like that because then people just sin and pretend to repent because they can be free from their sins later. and we were like no that's now how it works! we need to be sincere and really the Lord judges us on our hearts not what we say. we can't just pretend to repent because God knows everything, He knows our hearts and our desires. it's really interesting listening to her compare the gospel to her Buddhist beliefs. we have great teaching opportunities here that's for sure.
The Book of Mormon is the greatest! reading in Mosiah right now. Mosiah and Alma are so the best. seriously though. they are my favorite books in the Book of Mormon I think. but then again Nephi is pretty solid too. but Abinadi is such a boss. like he gets cast out and goes back IN DISGUISE! what kind of disguise that's what i'm wondering. me and Sister Hoffman thought about doing that to visit some less-actives...ㅋㅋ
Missionary work is the best!! Love you all more than life itself :)
Love Sister Blick

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