Monday, July 14, 2014

안녕 안녕 안녕 안녕 반갑습니다 wow that took me waaaay too long to write. this week. what to tell what to tell. it was another good week! let's be honest every week is a good week in 가정 ward in the beloved city of 인천 with my beloved companion Sister Hoffman. sorry you can't read any of that korean but i just can't stand romanization so sorry!^^
but seriously. missionary work is the best. and korea is the best.
this week when we were teaching sister chway (turns out the romanization of her name is choi) it was the greatest! she is literally one of my favorite human beings on the planet but beside that i'll tell you about our lesson. so she doesn't have great relationships with her family it's actually really sad and we're doing all we can to encourage her to love her children and her husband and be patient and wait for the blessings from the Lord to come to her family. But she asked to learn about endurance and patience. so Sister Hoffman suggested Alma 38 and we sent that to her to read. when we met with her she said she really liked the chapter. had tons of things circled and underlined. but she said that verse 11 hit her especially. "See that ye are not lifted up unto pride; yea, see that ye do not boast in your own wisdom, nor of your much strength" she said this verse really hit me and i prayed about it. i want to live this way. i really do. i just smiled at her because i had no words to tell her how happy i was. we also went over the baptismal questions with her and when she looked at the first one (about God being our Eternal Father and Christ being our Savior) she said yes that one is good i believe that. OH MY GOSH DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW LONG WE HAVE BEEN TRYING TO HELP HER ADMIT THAT TO HERSELF! it was a miracle i almost died from joy. the Lord works miracles people!!
Also on a funny note she is hilarious. she always asks "is there a man in the world like you? really i'm wondering." i said yes but he's getting married in december and you're already married!! she's my favorite.
next thing that happened that was awesome. MONSOON SEASON. wednesday morning i was sweating bullets it was so hot outside on the way to distrct meeting. then while i was praying to end district meeting i suddenly heard rain pelting outside and sure enough it was pouring. like pouring. to the extent that everything but my face was soaked. i was just walking through puddles because five seconds after being outside my shoes were totally done for. we went into a department store to get some food and when i was walking water was squishing out of my shoes between my toes. i was a little embarrassed. nonetheless it was awesome.
oh also i don't know if i already said this but the church in our area is receiving a lot of heat because we want to build a new building and the citizens are fighting really hard against the church. it's a trial for our ward but last week we suggested to the ward that we all fast together as a ward for the building to progress, that we can get the necessary permission and start building. our ward i think was really strengthened by it and it helped them think about how serious the situation is, how much a building would bless our ward and how much we really need to exercise our faith so that things can happen. the tuesday after we fasted the bishop said that the city scheduled a meeting to discuss the building plans and if we could get permission. it was so awesome to hear that!
also i wish i had time to tell you all about our PERFECT investigator that sadly is moving so we have to refer her to the sisters in that area, but we gave her a baptismal date yesterday before we said our goodbyes. she is a testimony to me that the Lord does send prepared people our way. because we didn't even find her, she found us. we'll be able to go to her baptism though and be reunited then! her name is sister park so pray for her!!
kay i love you all so much. and i'm coming home in 4 months so woohoo!!! but missionary work is the best so actually if you could all move to korea that would be great. or actually if we could just relocate korea to be in the middle of the US that would be ideal. i'll work on it.
Love you!!
Sister Brick.
HAHAHAH okay one of my investigators called me Brick a couple times and I died laughing. Also sister chway calls me blanckenshtien. so thank you dad for having the hardest last name ever.

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