Monday, July 28, 2014

HELLO PEOPLE!!! seriously this was a week of miracles my friends. like i wish i had all day to write about this stuff because i just can't fully explain it in a little email that takes me forever to write. but i will try my best.
first funny cool thing. the other day it was raining, well that's besides the point, but anyway we were walking to our members house and we walked up to a crosswalk and i look down and there was a cheon won bill (basically a dollar bill) on the ground and I was like awesome! so i picked it up and was beholding my prize when the bus driver stopped at the light honked his horn and gave me a big thumbs up. me and sister hoffman almost died laughing it was the best thing ever.
okay first really cool thing. so we go to teach sister choi and sister hoffman says the opening prayer and i say amen and sister choi doesn't say anything so i look at her and she lights up and says fantastic news! i started laughing and we were like yes? and she said My daughter wants to come to church! WHAT THE. we were shocked. She said I've been praying every day and so so so many times for this and suddenly the other day my daughter asked mom didn't you go to church today (she had to go to seoul to do a service activity she had signed up to do so she couldn't come to church last week) and she said I already had signed up to do this service activity so I told the sister missionaries I couldn't come this week, but I will go next week. and her daughter said do you want to go together? and sister choi said YES YES!!! oh my gosh it was SUCH  a miracle!! coolest way to start a lesson.
I think one of the times I have smiled the biggest in my whole life is when I saw her and her daughter walk in the chapel doors yesterday morning. Sister Choi also was beyond happy that her daughter was there and you could tell. It was a great sacrament meeting and I was grateful for all the speakers, one of them being my fabulous companion.
there are other miracles that i want to tell you about but I was preoccupied with something else....sorry...!
but i am so so so so happy right now it's ridiculous. not real. i'm tired beyond belief and i'm not happy jolly every minute but when i take a step back i am so happy. i'm so grateful for how this experience is changing my life and i don't think that sister missionary that spoke that week in sacrament will ever fully understand the effect she had on me.
Love you all more than everything in the world.
Sister Blickenstaff

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