Monday, October 6, 2014

HAPPY OCTOBER what the where did september go people?? time flies when your happy as can be i guess! well this week was another good one. every week is good really! love my companion to death. love korea. love everything. love missionary work.
we got to go to the temple which is always awesome. then i got to meet up with Sister Choi afterward! she had a holiday from school and SO lucky I was going to the temple that week so p-day was on thursday and i could actually do something with her! so she came to gangnam and we had lunch together. she's the cutest. i love her so much. i told her i went to the temple and she's like what inspiration did you receive today? and i was like ...a lot? she's like remember last time at church you said when you went to the temple you received inspiration that you were going to leave incheon. did that really happen? and I was like oh yeeah!! so she's like so what inspiration did you receive today? i just told her i felt a lot of peace. Sister Hoffman says SIster Choi is doing well and that she even bore her testimony in church yesterday!!! they are trying to pick up her daughter as an investigator too!! Miracles happen!!
okay sorry i have no time to write anything sorry!!! love you til next week.

Sister Blick

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