Monday, October 13, 2014

hi fam bam! this is the start of a new transfer! almost. but it is THE transfer people!  Sister Stout is transferring and I'm getting yet another companion for the last time! This will be my eleventh companion yiiiiikes. i'm basically super sad that sister stout is leaving and trying not to freak out about it. but if there's anything i've learned over the course of my mission it's that i need to trust the Lord because He knows best. Anyway had a crazy week this week. Let me tell you!
okay first i claim bragging rights. sorry i know i need to humble myself. it's a process.
this week we had MLC and i had to give the closing prayer and Sister Morrise came up after and she said after your prayer President Morrise leaned over and said that will be the best korean prayer you ever hear coming from a foreigner. He's the nicest! When we had interviews he asked if when i went home the mission could keep my korean ability. Maybe if I swim to the bottom of the ocean i can find ursula?
Also we did a culture night for a ward activity because there was a holiday this week and we each made food from the countries we represented. i made beef and broccoli except it was chicken and broccoli with carrots because meat is way expensive here. and it was a hit! all the ward members said they liked mine the best^^ thanks mommy!!

okay sorry for the pridefulness. don't worry i know that every thing i do is because the Lord lets me and if he wanted to take everything away He could in like .5 seconds. so i have to remain worthy of the gifts He has given me and the ones He will give me.

miracle of the week!
so we have like no investigators. we have a lot of potentials that we either never end up meeting, meeting once and never again, or meet once but are too busy so we meet like once in a blue moon. i wasn't getting discouraged but i was just kind of stumped. sister stout and i talk to everyone we see and we work really hard but nothing was coming of it i felt. we had a ton of meetings last week and we were really busy but the appointments we had scheduled with investigators fell through and at the end of the week we hadn't taught one lesson or picked up a new investigator. i asked the Lord to provide because I knew He would. I knew we had been working hard and that even though we did everything we could, He could do more. He could help us accomplish what He wanted us to accomplish. Saturday night while we were watching conference, we got a text from a potential investigator who the first time we called spent 20 minutes on the phone trying to find a time to meet (she is extremely busy so it was hard) and then when the appointment came something came up and she cancelled. we concluded she was just too busy and didn't think about her again. But she texted and said tomorrow I have time in the morning can you meet? Usually we wouldn't be able to as it was sunday morning at the time we have church but this week was conference and as we watch it in English, not with our ward anyway we could kind of adjust the time so we agreed to meet with her. Let me tell you Heavenly Father let that work out. She's from China (Chinese people are seriously the nicest) and has been living here for about 5 years. She told us her dad passed away when she was younger and after that her mom moved to Korea and she stayed in China and went to school so she basically grew up by herself. She moved to Korea because she wanted to be close with her family again. Her family goes to church but she says she doesn't believe yet, but for some reason feels like she needs to believe in God but she doesn't really know who He is and if He really exists. We were able to share our experiences of coming to know that God exists and teach her about prayer and the receiving answers to prayers. She was so excited to pray! She was so sincere and earnest, something you don't see often sadly. Mostly people just want us to teach them English or they want to teach me about their church. It was just a miracle and I knew the Lord provided it for us. Plus she told me she would teach me Chinese. haha. So win-win! Her english name is Jenny  so pray for her!

Conference was awesome. I loved Elder Packer's talk. I was just reminded that no matter when is thrown our way, the gospel is true. Nothing changes that. Nobody's harsh fighting words or cold reaction. The gospel is true and always will be. And I can be confident in that fact. Also everyone talked about families and their husbands or wives and shoot now I want to go home and get married. Gll jk I won't dad don't worry. #dontwanttogettakenoutofthewill but families are so important and i love all of you! seriously weird to think that I will be with you for Christmas....weird. but that doesn't come for a while! anyway. love you!!

Til next week! Sister Blick.

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