Monday, October 20, 2014

hello loving people that i love so much! hope you are all doing well! 

don't have much to tell you except just that i've learned a lot on my mission and there are some things that i have come to appreciate a lot more while serving. things that maybe i wouldn't have realized or recognized were even blessings in my life. 
1. i'm grateful for parents who have always been kind to me. who have never ever once hit me. (okay maybe you spanked my bum sometimes and made me wash my mouth out with soap but i probably deserved those) and as i look back i know that they love me because of all the things they have done for me and taught me.
2. I'm grateful for parents who not only went to church but really raised our family in the gospel. they taught us the gospel. they taught (mostly through example) the importance of prayer and scripture study. they made sure that we understood gospel principles because they knew that has and would bless our family and us personally forever. 
3.  I'm grateful for examples all around me of people who didn't give up because things got difficult. 
4. I'm grateful that I was raised to know that Heavenly Father's commandments are merely just an excuse for Him to bless us not restrictions and not a list telling us things we can't do just to make life harder for us. 
5. I'm grateful that I understand that in the end the only thing that is important really is my personal worthiness before the Lord. 
I'll share a couple things I learned/really liked from sacrament meeting yesterday. One of the speakers talked about how when it comes down to it, it doesn't matter how big the church is or how many members there are (something that Koreans generally care a lot about). the important thing is how strong our personal faith is. How strong are we on the inside? How well do we know our Savior? So many people today just focus on the outward appearance of faith. If you look like you believe in Jesus than everything's good! Check that off your list, you're saved. Well thanks to the Restoration we know that's not exactly the case. We have the gospel of Jesus Christ in it's fulness people! Do you realize how cool that is?? 
Another member talked about how the most importance choices aren't necessarily going to be between bad and good. like we're probably not going to ask ourselves. hm should i smoke a cigarette today or not? but the important choices  will be between the best choice and a good choice. like at night before we go to sleep. will we pray or will we say we are too tired? when we wake up in the morning will we study the scriptures or will be busy ourselves with other work we have to do? 
Right now I'm literally obsessed with the Gospels. I love reading about Christ's life and all the miracles He performed and I love seeing how the apostles record it differently too. all unique but they all have the same purpose of testifying of Christ. 
As I get close to coming home it's a really weird experience. I almost started crying like five times in church yesterday for I don't even know why. I was thinking about it yesterday and it's so interesting how my perspective has changed over the course of my mission. Starting and things were new and different and not what I expected and I was happy but I still had an idea of what it would be like if I was home. And now that I'm coming close to the time to go home, things are new every and different and rarely do the things that I expect actually happen, but I truly happy every day and it seems so weird that soon I won't be a missionary. I can't picture myself not being a missionary. I can't picture myself being anywhere but Korea. I'm excited to be home with family but I don't know it's a weird feeling. I just do a lot of other things to distract myself from feeling weird about going home. like reading scriptures and actually i'm obsessed with making planners for people. haha mom and dad you'll understand me. anyway i don't think you use those but i can start a planner making business when i come to your mission. okay anyway. i love you super uber a lot!! have a good and count the miracles that you see everyday! 

Sister Blick

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