Sunday, July 28, 2013


Okay what the heck its been almost 6 weeks and it's almost time for me to get my travel plans and GO TO KOREA. seriously don't get me wrong I love the MTC but seriously I want to be in Korea already. I try to be as happy as I can here but my happiness will go up times a million and forever when I get to Korea. Except I know I will scared out of my miiiiind so pray for me.
Couple shoutous first:
Shoutout to Sister Lori Bell to being literally the greatest best friend I could ever ask for and I know we're not supposed to compare but on a spiritual level I will never ever reach her because she is amazing and so inspiring and I am so lucky to be her friend and I just love her so much
Shoutout to Dad for being from Blanding (more on that later) and to having THE COOLEST MISSIONARIES EVER I WISH I WAS GOING TO YOUR MISSION jk I love Korean more than Chinese
Shoutout to Mom for being the best mom ever and I love you so much and I love seeing your pictures and your nametags on because I love that we're serving together
Shoutout to the Skousens for being literally the greatest family on the face of the earth besides mine of course...:)) but seriously I love them because they sent me a massive care package with delicious snacks and such cute letters and I just loved them to death it made my day a million gazillion times better
Shoutout to Corrine Barlow for being an answer to prayer when she sent me a care package. I'm not sure what her address is but just make sure she knows that I love her sooo much and her package meant so much to me.
Shoutout to Kelly for allowing me to live life back at Camarillo through her letters. They make me laugh/cry every time I love them so much and I love that you write so much that's it's like ten letters and my district is like woooow and i'm like yeah that's right my sister loves me no big deal
Shoutout the Jacob for writing the best letters ever and making me laugh so hard and making me smile and uplifting me every day
Shoutout to Kaari for sending the cutest pictures of Georgia eveeeeeer I love them but hate them at the same time because I miss her so much
Shoutout to Krissy for her hilarious emails and everytime I want to smile I think about your letter about Karboochie (RIP)
I LOVE MY FAMILY SO MUCH YOU ALL ARE HEAVEN SENT. I taught a lesson this week on the Plan of Salvation and I memorized Families Can Be Together Forever and I recited it to her during the lesson and seriously every day I'm reminded how much I love you and how grateful I am that I get to share eternity with you!!!! Honestly leaving my family behind is the greatest sacrifice for me. If I could see you every day serving a mission would be a piece of caaaake. So pray for me that I won't love you as much...? Jkkk I'm doing better on homesickness. I try to use it to motivate me and work harder to bring families together because I know how truly happy people can be because my family makes me so happy!!
Funny stories of the week: Sister Hales one of the sisters sleep talks all the time and one day at like 6 in the morning right before we were all about to get up we here her scream WHO'S FOR DINNER?? We all started busting up laughing and it was a great way to start the day. I'm laughing just thinking about it. Oh also fart in Korean is bahn goo but none of the elders knows what it means so all throughout the day all the sisters ask each other if they farted because no one else knows what it means and we always die laughing. Seriously thank goodness I can be a weirdo around them because I would die if couldn't.
Okay so more on me being grateful that dad is from Blanding. So GUESS WHO HAS THEIR FIRST BAPTISM TOMORROW? That would be our district. Holllaaaaa. So I told you that we taught a real investigator in TRC? Yeah well she's getting baptized tomorrow and we all get to go. SO COOL I CAN'T WAIT. Anyway we had to get permission and my district lovingly chose me to be spokesperson. They told me to start fake crying and I was sweating from nervousness, but I knew that if the Lord wanted us to go we would. So we ended up having to ask Pres. Hacking one of the counselors in the MTC Presidency and I walk in and he's like Blickenstaff are your parents mission presidents? And I was like yeah they're serving in Taiwan! And he's like your dad is from Blanding right? and I was one has ever heard of Blanding. EVER. and he was like oh I grew up there I think your Aunty Mary was like a year younger than me. IN MY HEAD I WAS FREAKING OUT. It was the coolest thing ever and then he gave us permission to go to the baptism and I was like THANK YOU HEAVENLY FATHER. Okay that may not seem like that big of a deal but it was like a miracle to my district and such a tender mercy from the Lord.
So yeah I'm getting better with sickness. I still have massive amounts of snot in my nose and all the elders make fun of me when I blow my nose in class but it needs to be done. Last Saturday was the worst day ever. So I was trying to push through it and we taught out lesson and afterwards my teacher was like you need to go back to the residence and sleep. And of course I started bawling my eyes out I don't even know why. But I felt so weak and pathetic and like I was being a horrible missionary and that this dumb cold was distracting me from doing my best and it was bad I was like sobbing it was like when Georgia cries too hard and then for a while she makes those gasping sounds yeah I haven't had that happen to me like ever and now of all times it was happening. But I prayed my heart out because I knew that that was atl that I could do at that point. I didn't even know what I needed to pray for I was just praying. And all the sudden the words Peace, Be Still came into my mind and I knew that the Lord was with me. I knew that I would be okay. That He was there to comfort me and lift me up. That He was there when I felt weak. He was there. And that's all that matters. The Lord is always there to help us and comfort us and love us. Another lesson that I learned is that we don't always need to feel His love to know that He loves us. There are so many other ways that He shows us He loves us. I feel His love through my amazing teachers. I feel His love when I read the scriptures and know that they are true and know that they strengthen me. I feel His love when I am happy and when I count my blessings. I feel His love when I read letters from my family or receive packages from my friends. We have to recognize the ways that he rescues us every day. Because He does. I know He does.
Alma 5 is a ridiculous amazing chapter. In there it says that souls are illuminated by the light of the everlasting word. When Christ is in our countenance, His light will shine. How amazing is it that we have this gospel. That we have His everlasting word. That as we study the scriptures, our souls are illuminated. That we come close to Christ and His light shines forth from us. The scriptures are a source of power that is unlike anything else in the entire world. When I stand before Christ and God at the last day what do I want to be able to say to Him? What do I want Him to say to me? I want to know Him and I want Him to know me. I want to be able to say that I did my best that I served my best that I loved my best that I obeyed my best. I want Him to call me His daughter and tell me that I am like Him that He is proud of me and that He loves me. At choir this week the director talked about how we have all been saved for the last days. Which means that before we were sent to earth in the great council we were chosen about 1 out of 100,000 people to come to earth at this time when he knew it would be the hardest when Satan would be fighting the hardest. As we go throughout our day are the other 99,999 watching us saying wow this is why she was chosen to go down this is why the Lord has put her on the earth at this time. The angels of heaven are walking beside us. I know they are. I am so priviliged to live right now and to be serving him right now. I love the gospel with all my heart and I love the scriptures. I love that you all find strength from them too. Never forget what they teach you and what you learn from the Spirit.
I love you all wish I could hug and kiss you!!
Sister Blickenstaff

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