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Jul 5

anyong kajokeeee!
ps oh sek means awkward. greatest dono (vocab) of my life.
okay remember when Heavenly Father is the greatest man who ever leeeeeved???? okay that was probably disrepspectful but seriously i am soooooo ridiculously blessed by him. i´ll talk more about that later though.
some funny stuff first. so korean is an awesome ridiculous language and you have to be SO careful about pronunciations or else your screwed. like missionary is sone kyo sa but if you say sahn kyo sa which is surprisingly easy to mix up because the korean alphabet is insane than you´re saying we are prositutes of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. hahahahaha Korean is crazy. also during one of the lessons one of the elders was trying to introduce his family and he was like my family is a big family. i have five pieces of paper hahahahah. died laughing. i´ll try to think of more funny things but i have to type uber fast because it took like ten minutes reading moms condensed email. by the way this keyboard is so dumb and i can´t find the quotation marks. but there should def be quotes around condensed. ps i still love your dear elders. everyone hates me still. keep up the good work.
on to some good stuff that´s happened. the temple is the greatest thing that ever existed. I went last Friday after I emailed you guys and I just needed comfort and Heavenly Father definitly blessed me with that sooooo much. Even though I was going through for someone else I was reminded of the covenants I had made with Heavenly Father to consecrate my life to Him and be willing to sacrifice. It was so peaceful and EXACTLY what I needed to get me through the week. So go to the temple because it´s amaing and we are so beyond blessed to have them across the world. Found out that I get to go every transfer to the temple in Seoul. AMAZING except I realized that I might have to do things in Korean aaaand started freaking out.....oh well the Lord will bless me.
You guys Heavenly Father is blessing me soooo much. I love it here. Remember when I hated my life last week and you could probably all tell? oh seeeehk. (aaaawkward) Well now I´ve grown up and the Lord has taught me a lot and I love life and wish you could all experience this with me.
My teacher said something really cool to me last week that I forgot to share with you. So we read in Mosiah part of King Benjamin´s address I think and it talks about how we are nothing like we are lower than the dust of the earth. ps i always thought that was funny because he´s like always remember your own worthlessness and nothingness and i thought oh cool i will thanks. anyway my teacher was saying that compared to God and Christ we are nothing. But in their eyes we are EVERYTHING. And how true that is. That is so powerful to me. Because even though at times I feel small and insignificant, I know that the Heavenly Father I am strong and great and significant in His eyes. And that´s what I love about this gospel is that it teaches us that. We mean something to God. I´m not just another girl, another missionary. I am Caitlin to Him. He knows me and He loves me. And that´s awesome!!
Okay so I got called as Sister Training Leader whaaat uuuup. JK more like the Lord wants to teach me how to have charity and love other people besides my selfish self. But I am so grateful for this calling and know that it will probably help me more than it will help the sisters I serve. But I get to interview and give tours to the Korean newbies this Wednesday and I´m so excited!! If there´s any lesson to learn in life it´s how to love other people. Because once you start doing that you start to see them how Christ sees them. Plus it´s only the greatest commandment that Christ gave. Besides loving Him of course.
Oh this past Sunday I was asked to play the piano for sacrament and to accompany a musical number that I had approximately 3 hours to learn the music. Holy poop I was so stressed. But I know that Heavenly Father gave me that talent and that I should be willing to share it. I just prayed that my piano playing wouldn´t drive away the Spirit and it turned out great! Just another little way that Heavenly Father blessed me this week. So we´ve started teaching progressing investigators which is basically our teachers pretend to be investigators but it´s surprisingly real and scary. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE teaching. The Spirit is amazing and I just want to teach everyone in the whole world how they can be happy through the gospel and reading the Book of Mormon and praying to God and getting answers. Ugh it´s just so amazing!!
I´ll share a cool experience about teaching. So yesterday we taught one of our investigators and we taught him about the Book of Mormon, how the gospel blesses families because he´s 40 and has a family, and then about prayer. So i was talking about how the gospel blesses families and I talked about our families experience with Courtney passing away and how we were so sad but that the Book of Mormon taught us that through Christ little children receive salvation and that we knew she was in heaven and that we would see her again. I bore with my whole heart that I knew the Book of Mormon would bless his family and that if he would read it it would bring him happiness and that he would come to know that it was true. Then we taught him about prayer and I told him that I knew Heavenly Father wanted to hear from him and God would answer his prayers. And he was like really? how? which sounds super cool in Korean. it´s like chin-chai-oh? oh-doh-kay? anyway besides the point. I was like you´ll God loves you and wants to help you and you´ll be able to feel His Spirit. Ps I love Korean but it sucks not being able to say everything you want to. anyways we taught him how to pray and asked him to say the closing prayer and he said he would. In the prayer He prayed for my little sister and I lost it. Yeah the tears came rolling down it was embarrassing. But the Spirit was sooo strong. After the prayer I choked out that I knew prayer would bless his life. Probably in the wrong grammar forms because I couldn´t think properly but it was just an amazing experience.
Some quick things that I´ve learned from devotionals and such.
Matthew Richardson of the Sunday School presidencey came to talk to us and he was awesome. But he said that Heavenly Father sees something in me that I can become. And I loved that. Heavenly Father doesn´t see us for the mistakes we make or the imperfect person we are now but he sees us for who I can become. He sees me for the missionary I can become, for the mother I can become, He sees me as his daughter.
Read your patriarchal blessings. I love mine to death and read it all the time. It´s amazing.
Oh funny thing I we have some Korean sisters and I was talking to them one night and asking if I was saying something right in Korean and I started speaking to them and they started laughing at me. I was so embarrassed I was like what do I sound bad?? And she was like no you just sound so tired!! Apart from making fun of me they are so sweet. Seriously out of all the Asian countries I am sooooo happy I got called to Korea. Sorry muzzy and pops. But Korea is the best...gllll.
Oh another funny thing. kawee aka what we call Kaari, means scissors. Just thought you´d enjoy that thought. Okay that´s all for now I love you all!!
Sister Blick
Some good scriptures to read when you get the chance
Jacob 3:1-2
Mosiah 4
2 Nephi 31

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