Saturday, July 13, 2013

Okay what the how is it already July. Do you realize I've been here for almost a month?! Time fliiiiiies it's crazy. Soon enough I'll be home which is nice because I'll see you all but sad because I'll probably love the Korean people more than you and want to stay there gllll ;o;o;o;o;o;o (jake ;o;o;o;o) hahaha
okay so this week was awesome. Every Friday night we do this TRC thing where we teach members little lessons and last week was our first week. It was kind of nervewracking but it turned out awesome. And we actually taught a real investigator whaaaat it was crazy and she's getting baptized what uuup. Jk we had nothing to do with it. But she did say that she thought I was really pretty and looked really happy and that Korean people would love me and that my Korean rocked. Okay seriously I miss emoticons...anyways I need to brag to my family who are the only people who care. But don't worry I'm still humble. Every thing I'm blessed with is because Heavenly Father is the greatest. I miss you all so much and I try not to think about it because I know that I'll get super sad. But then I remember that we sacrifice for what we love the most. And that's the gospel. I'm willing to sacrifice because I know that this gospel is the greatest thing on the earth and everyone should have the chance to receive it. I can one hundred million percent say that I would not be on a mission if I did not know for a surety that this gospel is true. There is like no way. But because I do know with every fiber of my being that this is the Lord's church and the Lord's gospel, I want to share that with everyone and I am SO excited to share it with the people of Korea. Seriously I just want to be there already. Watch out family I'm going to come back obsessed with everything Korea so brace yourselves. I'm already starting to love the people and the culture. Ps Kris if you don't adopt a Korean baby in the near future so that I can teach it Korean and it will be my best friend then I will be very angry. But I'll still love you. But seriously do it.
Let's see I played basketball with some of the sisters this week. I know. Me. Basketball. Seems impossible. I was pretty much the worst one since they all played in high school. So it was fun for me but probably horrendous for them. I'm obsessed with MTC's cookies. THEY ARE THE MOST DELICIOUS THING IN THE WHOLE WORLD EVER. Also got told that I look like Hilary Duff for the secondish time in my life. I was like thank you...? It just threw me back to the time when I told Kell someone told me I looked like Haylie Duff and she told me that wasn't a compliment :(((((
So we teach progressive investigators and those lessons have been going really well. We committed both of them to baptism what uuup and that's like the greatest feeling ever even though we know it's fake. So I can't even imagine how amazing it was be when I committ real investigators to baptism. Being able to bear my testimony even if it is in simple Korean is amazing. Our teacher mentioned that it's the one thing that's unique to us and no one can ever take it away. And it doesn't matter how simple it is because it's whatever we know and whatever we believe. So one of our investigators is a girl who has a baby and lives with her boyfriend and she was saying how she didn't want her baby to grow up and wonder where her father is but that she talked to her boyfriend and he didn't want to get married. Or something like she was speaking Korean so I really have no idea if that's what she said but I'm pretty sure that's the case. The first lesson we brought it up and basically me and my companions just stared at her because we literally didn't know how to respond plus we barely speak Korean so we just went on with our lesson. After I was like what on earth can we teach her that will help her with that situation because we can't just be like well force your boyfriend to marry you...? come to church and find a husband...? So i was studying and thinking about it like all the time and I got the impression that we should teach her about having faith that the Lord can help us with whatever our needs our. So I studied a lot about faith in Preach My Gospel and in the scriptures and it was amazing I learned a lot. The scriptures are life savors family and I love them so so so so much. So make sure you study them every day! In a devotional recently whoever was talking talked about how when you read the Book of Mormon there's a serious power that will flow into our live. And it's so true. As missionaries we are supposed to teach that the Book of Mormon answers the questions of the soul. And I have a strong testimony of that. Any question we ever have, we will be able to find an answer in the scriptures. And it might not be explicit like you won't find a verse that says Yea, you are supposed to have another child in your family but the scriptures will bring the Spirit into your life and the Spirit has the ability to enlighten your mind. So read the scriptures! Anyway study on faith--some awesome scriptures--Mormon 9:21, Moroni 7:33, Mark 9:23. I loved studying about having faith because it taught me so much. In our lesson we asked her if she knew how to have faith. I would challenge you guys to ask yourself that. How do you have faith and how do you show your faith? How do you have hope? What do you hope for? Why do you have hope? Faith is a principle of power and it's different than believing.
Oh funny story so because we don't really understand a lot of what goes on in our lessons our teacher Brother Wade likes to say funny things that we don't understand so mostly they're just funny to him. So we asked him what his hobbies were and then he asked us and the only thing I could think of to say was that I like to eat and he started laughing and was spitting out all this Korean verbage and I was just half smiling half awkwardly laughing and nodding my head because I had no clue as to what he was saying. Later he told me that he was like oh we should have a rice eating contest and see how many bowls of rice you eat and I was just nodding my head and saying nay over and over which means yes. So basically I looked like an idiot. Classic.
Anyway I love you tons!!
Sister Blick
Ps Jake the mail people are getting pretty angry that you keep putting Booch Blickenstaff. They keep writing me notes telling me to tell my friends to put my real name. Which I realized if I told you that you'd probably get a kick out of that and keep putting Booch but I don't want to get in trouble!! So put my real name you fetcher. Love youuuuu

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