Monday, September 23, 2013

Hi fam baaaaam.
this week was fun and i have a lot of stories. gonna make it short so listen up. haha don't know why i said that but listen. so last night i woke up randomly laughing. my dream was funny apparently. i remember knowing what i was laughing about at the time but i have no recollection now. but it was weird i was laughing and then i started laughing because i was laughing and this was all while i was like half awake. anyway that was random.

another thing so because they don't have the f sound in Korean everytime someone says California. It sounds like Calipornia and I die laughing I'm like I know California is going downhill okay the Koreans have foresight haha.

Which reminds me. I have to get a foreigner card that says I can live in Korea for a year yada yada so in the picture we weren't allowed to smile and then for the card they change the picture to black and white and make it look all scary so literally I look like a serial killer on my card. Like if I saw that, I would be like, deport this girl I think she's planning on massacring the Korean nation!

Oh yesterday we had a baptism for some of the eight year olds in our ward and they filled the baptismal font with boiling hot water so that was a big fiasco. The baptisms here are super weird because the font has serious issues with the water and there always ends up being a problem and it's super awkward at the baptism. Anyways besides that it went good. 

We met with a potential investigator yesterday that turned out to be not an investigator. But it was a girl I met on the bus and she wants to practice English and she's super nice. But she basically said she wanted to meet again because she met me and I was so nice and pretty and young. And then we were walking down the hall of the church and she said to my compy she's so pretty! hahaha and I was like yeah this is awkward...and then I was depressed because she was like yeah I'm really busy so I don't have a lot of time but if I have time I'll call you. But thanks for meeting with me you're really pretty!

Oh read The Fourth Missionary talk it's way good.
Yeah so we have an elder who is serving and simultaneously training for the Olympics. It's kind of ridiculously awesome. He's from Canada and is a gymnast and his lower body is tiny but his upper body is riiiipped. it's kind of impressive. Anyway we got together as a mission on Thursday because it was a holiday and we're not allowed to proselyte because people get way offended. It's kind of the same as Christmas in America. and we had a talent show and he was doing some stuff and it was siiiick. you'll get some pictures later. this way funny sister was sitting behind me--seriously love her--and he was doing like a handstand on mini parallel bars and his shirt fell down and she was like wow haven't seen that in a while. HAHAHAHA I DIED LAUGHING. and she was like that stays here! But of course I have to tell you all.

This weekend we're having an open house in our ward where we asked each of the members to invite a friend and we're going to have dinner, a game, and then the missionaries (we have six in our ward) are putting on a skit of the first lesson. It's way fun and we made some of the cheezy decorations because i am super creative and awesome. anyway we're acting out Noah and I made the sickest eagle wings and elephant ears and also i made the ten commandments. member missionary work is really hard in Korean because they have this thing called 何淬 which is basically like "pressure". if they feel 何淬, investigators will stop meeting with you and stuff like that. so it's really hard to get members involved in missionary work but we're trying. and hopefully the open house will be a success.

Anyways this morning i was studying in Romans 8 and Alma 17 and 26. They contain some great verses about being patient through our afflictions. In Romans it says that our sufferings at this time won't even be comparable to the glory that we can partake of IF we are faithful and endure to the end. It also says that everything good will come to those that serve the Lord and work according to His purposes. How often are you seeking to do what the Lord wants you do? How often do you ask yourself if this is what the Lord wants you to do? Remember that as we follow Him we will be blessed whether now or later we don't know but we have to have faith. (that's the hard part and what really sets us apart--do we endure with faith?) In Alma it talks about being patient because God has all power and is everything. Trust in Him. The last verse I think in Alma 36 talks about how the Lord was mindful of Aaron and his brothers and he calls them wanderers in a strange land. If that isn't me that what is? I'm always striving to be more patient and striving to remember that the Lord is mindful of me. Know that He loves you and if you endure your trials you will blessed with what you need. 
love you tons,
sister blick

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