Monday, September 30, 2013

hi lovely family that i love with all my heart and will never stop loving ever!!

okay so i love love love the liahona and the ensign and can't wait for general conference. i can't believe i never wanted to read stuff like that when i was back home! gosh how stupid i was. the prophets and apostles are sooo inspired and they teach the best doctrine ever it's just amazing! so this week i think the greatest thing I studied about was seeking counsel from the Lord. A great talk to read is called Leaving Adversity Behind by David S. Baxter from the Dec 2012 Liahona if you want to look it up it. Anyway yesterday I read a talk given by Elder Holland that was talking about why missionary work is so hard. Why aren't people just running to get baptized? We have the truth! Why aren't we having more success why don't people accept it right away? And his answer was that "salvation is not a cheap experience" Think about what Christ endured so that we might have salvation. He said if it wasn't easy for our Lord and Savior why would be easy for us? So then I wanted to study more about Christ's suffering in Gethsemane and I read in Matthew the prayers that he offers. And his first prayer is a little bit different from the second and third prayer. In the first prayer, he states his desires but then adds thy will be done. in the second and third prayers when he prayes he states the Lord's will and accepts it. His desire isn't even in the picture anymore. Heavenly Father knows us perfectly. He already knows what we want. But we don't know what He wants. So we must seek it. And when we find it, we must accept it even when it goes against our desire. That is what the Christ did because His purpose was to fulfill the God's will.
Then I read in Jacob 4 particularly vs. 7-11and it basically says hello!! God created the Earth and man so why wouldn't he be able to command it according to His will?? Heavenly Father's hand is in everything we do. He is our Creator and our Master. We must seek His counsel because He knows everything. We must trust his counsel because He knows everything. Also read in Jacob 5-the most awesome allegory in the whole world. And when it was talking about poor and good ground I got the impression that it doesn't matter where we are, the Lord will always nourish us.The Lord knows what He's doing. He directs all things. He can bring forth fruit whenever and wherever He wants. But because we have agency, we cannot let our pride get in the way of His will and His work. Be willing to seek His counsel and be willing to be molded by Him. Don't seek to counsel the Lord because we know nothing. Seek to know what the Lord would have you do and he will help you do great things for yourself, your family, and for others. Keep loving the Lord in all things!!
Love you tons.
Sister Blick

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