Monday, September 9, 2013

Hi family!!! I love you super a lot and I miss you!! This week was fun and I learned a lot in personal study and through zone training.
First some funny/good things that happened this week:
So a lot of times in Korea they have these guys that get on microphones and like advertise for store and yell out things and stuff. Well he attacked my compy and grabbed onto her backpack and it was kind of funny kind of scary but I had no idea what the heck he was saying obviously because it was in Korean but she was laughing and I think it was kind of inappropriate but I'm not really sure...anyway later she told me that he said that I looked like Audrey Hepburn HAHAHA greatest compliment/lie ever. I don't understand how people think I look good because I look scary at the end of each day. So so far I've been said to look like Haylie Duff and Audrey Hepburn...hmmm...confusion....
Whenever people talk to me it's super funny because they freak out sometimes and start laughing like they're embarrassed that I'm talking to them and then I figure out that it's because they want to speak english to me but they're nervous or something.
Also one of our investigators is funny and asks questions like why did Jesus choose water to get baptized in? And we explained that it was a symbol of cleanliness and stuff and she was like yeah but why water? Why not light or sand? First of all why would you rather get baptized in sand than in water? So she was asking why Jesus chose water and we were like because he did and she was like yeah but why? Also what's frustrating is when investigators ask questions and I ask my companion to explain it and she can't because she says it's too hard in english...
Also I had the coolest experience so at our zone conference I was simultaneously blessed/stressed. haha they talked about sharing the gospel with faith and that's hard! especially when you struggle with the language. But faith is a choice and when we have faith we have a hope that the Lord will fulfill his promises and a desire to do his work. So I prayed for courage that I would be able to choose faith and not be scared to talk to people. After our meeting we had to go somewhere I don't remember but there was a girl that I started talking to on the subway. And she went to college I think she was my age and she was super cute. Anyway I started talking to her about why I was in Korea and that I was a missionary and (oh side note so I'm working on this thing called pass-off where it helps you teach the lessons in the language and you have to pass off with your DLs and ZLs and stuff and last week I was working on the second lesson which is Plan of Salvation) so I talked about how we teach about Christ and God and she said that she didn't have a religion and I was talking about how God loves us and we are his children and that we lived with him before this life and we can return to Him again. And I taught like a mini Plan of Salvation lesson and it was so awesome! And I don't know if anything will come of it because I was scooted off the subway super quick by my companion so all I could give her was our card but it was just a cool experience to be able to teach someone about that and I feel like it was a tender mercy that I happened to be studying the Plan of Salvation for pass-off!! It was really cool.
spiritual thought for the week: ps i love d&c it's filled with ridiculously good revelation so thank you Joseph Smith. But anyways I was reading Moroni 10 and I came to an important realization about Charity. Charity is really seeing someone as the Lord does. We have faith in them and hope for them. Sometimes when I think about an investigator I don't even want to teach them because they come up with weird questions and they won't accept what we're teaching right away with their whole heart like I do. And that is so uncharitable!! We need to have faith in other people just as the Lord has faith in us. We need to see them for their potential to become like Jesus Christ. Have faith that someday, somehow they will accept the Lord's gospel and be able to enjoy all the blessings that we do now. So my challenge for you is to be patient with the people around you and try to see them as Christ would. Treat them as Christ would and strive to develop more charity and love for those you come in contact with.
Love you tons and tons forever and ever. Grateful we are a family forever. Hugs and kisses.
Sister Blick

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