Monday, June 2, 2014

helloo!!!! this week was awesome. so many awesome experiences. i wish i could just send a clip of me talking about everything because let me tell you that would be so much easier for the both of us.
three awesome things that happened.
Elder Quentin L. Cook visited our mission! and yes I shook his hand! we received some awesome training.
Got to go to the temple and that's an awesome experience every time.
Got to attend a baptism with our investigator and the Spirit was so strong.
Okay mom wants to hear about one hard contact, one nice contact, and one lesson this week.
I'll go with the lesson first and that's probably all I will finish in this time. Sorry momma! hahaha
okay so basically i love my investigator more than anyone in the whole world. she is a miracle. she's still stubborn but she has come sooooo far. she comes to church every week and our lessons are so special. she's received all the PMG lessons sort of and she doesn't take just straight up lessons very well so in order to adapt to her needs, we started teaching more from the book of mormon. turns out she loves that and our lessons go great now instead of tackling a principle and arguing, we use the scriptures to teach a principle. she likes the Book of Mormon, knows that the words it contains are really good. So we've been assigning her different chapters to read according to what we think she needs to learn. we taught about the plan of salvation the other day because i could tell that she didn't understand or believe it. she studied alma 41 before we met and then talked about mostly the second half of the plan of salvation with her. at the end she said wow this is a really good plan. and I said YES IT IS! i told her this is the plan that gives me hope. this is what gives me purpose because one day i know i will see my little baby sister again. i know i will see my lost loved ones again and i know that one day if i try my hardest and do the best and the most good i can, i will get rewarded good in the end. she said she's fine with aiming for the terrestrial kingdom because she's a middle line kind of person. i told her that's fine...for now...!!!
ah there are so many other experiences i wish i could share with you!! lack of time. gosh dang it!
one hard contact: we were walking on the street and there was a lady walking next to me so i said hello and started talking her she asked me why i was here and i told her i came here to serve, she said where and i said church and she said what church and i said our church name and she just laughed to herself and i asked her how she knew our church and she just again laughed to herself and i said yeah a lot of people in Korea think our church is a cult, but that's exactly why i'm serving to tell people what we believe! and she just again laughed to herself. i could tell she wasn't going to listen to anything i said so i just asked her for directions thanked her for her help and said goodbye. most of the people here act that way towards us because they have a distorted view of our church and are too hard to try and listen to what we have to say they immediately shut us out when they hear our church name. it's sad but more sad for them because they just rejected only the greatest thing in the world!
okay i have to go! love you! til next week!!
by the way it's june already what???

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