Monday, June 23, 2014

anyeooong! this week was awesome. every week is awesome. missionary work is awesome. korea is awesome. you are all awesome. the gospel is awesome. life is awesome! besides the fact that i love you all too much and i miss you but other than that. awesome!!
there are way too many stories to tell you. where to start. i don't even know.
oh i know! this week i got told i looked like jessica alba. oohhh yeaaah!! win.
okay sorry more better stories. yes i know that was bad english.
i don't have a lot of time. sorry mom!! but i will tell you about some precious moments of the week.
i love our investigator sister chway. with all my heart. she  is like my 40 year old best friend that i love. so she goes to pray at the end of the lesson and she always forgets how to start the prayer so she was like dear....and i just whispered God and she says dear God, I'm not smart, but I'm enough. I about died! how true is that people? we are not smart, but we are enough. why? because we are trying. because we are doing the best that we can. and isn't it great that Heavenly Father only wants that? He only wants us to do and try our best and we will be enough for Him.
The other day to start companion study we started singing I Know That My Redeemer Lives. I don't what came over me but I just thought back to Courtney's funeral and how that song was sung and I just started bawling. My poor companion just kept singing while I was sitting there listening to the music and thinking of the words. Before I had been thinking about the Plan of Salvation and how blessed we are to have that knowledge that gives us purpose and meaning in life. and I thought of Courtney and how people could say that that was unfair, why would God take the life of such a precious child? But I thought of how much she has blessed our life, probably more than if she was here today. She has made the Plan of Salvation real for us. She has made the promise in Moroni 8 real for us. She has made temple marriage real for us. She has strengthened our testimonies, our hopes, our family relationships. I love her with all my heart and even though she was so young, she accomplished such an amazing purpose. I know that we all come to this earth with a definite purpose. I also know that my redeemer lives and that he loves us. This gospel is the best. Never forget it!!
Wish I could tell you more but I have horrible time management skills. sorry!!
Love Sister Blick ^^

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