Monday, June 16, 2014

HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!! so i can't believe our baby brother is getting married finally!! hehehe. wow though i am so excited. except i came to the awful realization the other day that i have to lose weight and look good for the wedding and i have like no time to do that so i have to start on my mission. dang. oh well. I LOVE WEDDINGS!!! i hate that i have so much to look forward to when i get home!! grr you people.
anyway this week was like the best week of my mission seriously. we saw like a million miracles. so i got a new companion her name is sister hoffman, she's from colorado and is such a good missionary. like it's awesome. i don't even know where to begin.
oh i know! so it was right before we were supposed to meet with sister chway and we had some time so i knew there was an old grandma in our ward who lived in the same area so i thought maybe we could go visit her and introduce my new companion. so we went to visit her and it was SO amazing. while we were talking to her she started crying and talking about how her family is going through a really hard time and she feels like she can't help them because she has no money and things are just really hard. she is such a faithful member of the church and she knows that Heavenly Father blesses her all the time. she took the book of mormon out and just opened it and was like i try to read this book and i don't know what it means. she's like it's korean and i read it but i don't know the meaning of it. this old lady has been going to church for years, she doesn't even remember when she got baptized, and she told us she doesn't understand the book of mormon. so we opened to the first page and read verse by verse and explained it to her. we told her we would come by every week and study with her page my page, verse by verse, and tell her what it meant so that she could apply it to her life. she was just saying thank you over and over again she was so grateful that we came by to visit it. we were so full of love for this old grandma and so grateful that we were able to find that out. we know that the spirit led us there so that we could find and help her.
sister chway is doing good. i love her so much and each time we meet with her my love for her grows. it's hard for her to change, but she is a miracle. she's understanding piece and piece and it's so great to see her knowledge grow.
we were also able to meet this amazing 19 year old girl this week that is SO prepared. seriously. she is the cutest. we are doing the 30/30 program but she is interested in learning about the church. her name is minji. she's the cutest!!
we are working so hard and we are butt tired every day but so happy. i love you so much and i miss you so much. but i will see you soon! 4 transfers are going to fly by i know it. love you all!!
Sister Blick

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