Monday, June 9, 2014

Hello beautiful people!! I am emailing a little bit early this week because our member invited us over for lunch so we had to get things done a bit quicker than usual. can i just tell you KOREAN FOOD IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD not even joking. we made food at a members house this week and it was the most delicious thing ever. you all are missing out. This week was interesting. A lot of veeeeery interesting things happened. Transfers are this week and my little child is leaving me and I'll get a new companion! I'm so excited! Her name is Sister Hoffman and she has red hair. also I permed my hair last week and it turned out beautifully. So yes Kelly I do trust Koreans with scary chemicals.
Some cool things happened with our investigator this week.
She went to a Busan (a different part of Korea) with her family this week because it was her daughter's birthday so she couldn't come to church unfortunately but we had some lessons with her earlier in the week. The first time we studied Alma 42 with her. oh my gosh alma is the best people. I love alma. Just for studying for her lessons I learned so much about justice and mercy and the plan of salvation that just made everything so much clearer and simpler to me. but she said that it was hard to understand so we went over it with her and she doesn't like the idea of being punished so we talked to her about justice and mercy. but the best part i wasn't even there for so it's not really my experience but i'll share it anyway. so because it was my companions birthday this week, we scheduled two appts in a row because she was leaving the next day so we taught her tuesday and then wednesday. but i went on exchanges so i wasnt there. anyway sister lee went to her house with our stl and she said that the whole time her and her daughter were fighting and yelling and it was kind of awkward but they kept on with the lesson. and at the end sister lee said our stl sister sloan said she felt like they should sing where can i turn for peace so they sang that song and they said she started crying and said how much she wanted peace in her life and as we've been meeting she talks about how she wants a new life, she wants something new, so she plans to go to america because she needs something new. so sister sloan talked about how she doesn't need to go to america to start a new life, she can do that through baptism and God promises that we can start a new life and be happier and find that peace. I was amazed and humbled because i was nervous about not being there to teach, but everything was perfect. Her heart has been softened so much and the other day she texted us and said I think it's a gift that I was able to meet you thank you for never giving up on me. I love her with all my heart.
Next thing I wanted to share was about my companions birthday. So this week was her "senior week" and the week before transfers. I always get antsy before transfers so I was nervous about that and I was nervous about her taking the role of senior companion. I have not a ton of patience with people so I knew it would be hard. And it was. So I was a little anxious and annoyed but I knew those weren't good feelings to have and I definitely wasn't exercising charity. So I prayed for help and studied a lot about charity this week. Yeah it's a massive weakness for me. I'm working on it okay! Anyway I wanted to make Sister Lee feel special on her birthday and i was thinking about what I should do for her or get for her and I thought about how she is obsessed with everything Spiderman and when we went into Baskin Robbins she took pictures of the ice cream cakes in there to my utter embarrassment but that is another story. anyway I knew I had to get her a Spiderman cake. Plus her birthday was in zone training meeting day and I knew she would flip if everyone in the zone celebrated her birthday with a Spiderman baskin robbins cake. it would be like a dream come true for her. so that's what I planned. What I didn't plan was her reaction. so after ZTM ended I had some other sisters distract her and got the cake and lighted it and brought it in and started to sing happy birthday. and what does my sweet companion do? She starts bawling. She freaks out (in a good way) and is just crying her eyes out and she says this is the first time I have ever been surprised for my birthday. She was so happy she was crying. I knew that it meant a lot to her to have people remember her and care about her and I was glad that she could feel love through the simplest thing. How are we making sure that other people feel love through our simple actions?
Also while I was on exchanges someone committed suicide at our apartment complex (the one i was staying at not in my area) off our floor. It was a really for lack of a better word saddening experience. We weren't there when it happened but we were afterwards and the whole thing was kind of numbing. I was just grateful for the plan of salvation and the hope that the gospel gives me. I was grateful for the hand of the Lord in our day that day (can't explain for lack of time) and the comforting nature of the Spirit.
Always remember the happiness of the gospel and the joy we can find from living the gospel. Heavenly Father has provided such an amazing plan for all of us and we know it!!
Love you all so much. Have a happy birthday Karl!!! Love you tons
Sister Blick

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