Monday, September 8, 2014

hello hello!!! this week seriously flew by i can't believe it's already time to email all of you again! this week was crazy. like a million meetings and such. we had leadership training on tuesday and President Morrise is really pushing language right now in our mission. Too many missionaries are coming out now and they can't speak the language good enough. Can't teach the lessons, are embarrassed to talk to people, don't have relationships with the members, and aren't really doing a lot to improve. they just kind of say well korean is hard and then don't try to learn it and that's not cutting it for our mission. so he's pushing language and i'm really excited! Most of the training was in straight korean and all the missionaries were speaking korean when reporting and such even though the majority were not korean missionaries. it was fun! the training was a little different this time. usually he trains the missionaries and tells us exactly what to train our zones on but because we were having mission tour and so many other trainings recently he said he was going to let us pick what to train our zones on this time.
sorry this email is all over the place, something came up so i had to try and help.
pray for sister choi please. she's having a hard time loving her family. it breaks my heart because i love my family so much and i want her to love her family but it's hard for her to find reasons to love them.
we had elder aoyagi of the asia north area presidency come and train our mission. he is the cutest and the best! taught us through love really. told us the importance of remember this is the Lord's work that we are doing. not ours or anyone elses. the Lord's work. so we should do it with the Lord's help, with the Spirit of the Lord. and how do we get the Spirit of the Lord? by being obedient. we decided to train our zone on obedience this month. so i was studying a lot about that this week and i learned some awesome things. i would love to share them with you but sadly i don't have enough time..... sorry! blame kaari she  kept me chatting for most of my email time hahaha sorry sis had to throw you under the bus.
anyway introduced myself to my new ward yesterday. like no one was there because this weekend is a holiday. we actually have a big mission conference tomorrow i'm really excited! but i shared 1 Samuel 18:1 and i'll share that with you. it says that Jonathon and David's heart had become one they were knit together (i think it says in english) and Jonathon loved David with his whole soul. that is how i feel about Korea family. I love Korea and I love the people here. sometimes i have hard days and not everyone is nice to me becasue i'm a missionary and they don't have interest in our message, but as a whole, I love Korea and i love the people here. the longer i have served here, the more i love them. and the longer I serve here the more I love you!!
but really i Love you. missionary work does something to your heart. it makes it whole! so do missionary work and make your heart a little fuller! when was the last time you served someone? food for thought!!
okay love you! pray for me because i pray for you!!
Sister Blick

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