Monday, September 22, 2014

hi my beautiful family! another week has come and gone already what is going on? just so you know i'm super self conscious when i write emails now because a few members of our family have been criticizing my english ability so i've heard!!!! -__- but for real yesterday my companion and i taught a lesson to a south african woman and the whole time i was thinking wow my english is so bad i can't think of what to say right now i sound like a blabbering idiot. but it's cool the Spirit helped me^^
oh first i have to tell you a funny quote from my companion. okay it might not be that funny because i've realized that my sense of humor has deteriorated over time but....yeah. anyway i love my companion she's the greatest. like SUCH  a good missionary. i love teaching with her. i love serving with her. and we are good least in my eyes. awkward if she hates me. but i like her! anyway so last week we were planning to teach someone about prophets using the gospel art book and she's like "yeah we can make it cool and exciting (she flips to the picture of noah) like sometimes a lot of people hate you and make fun of you but then you end up with a lot of animals and you win." HAHHAHAHAH i was dying #gospeljokes I thought it was funny.
yeah so my Korean companion left to Spain! her parents aren't members so she got special permission to have them come pick her up and take her to the airport so we met her parents in the morning (right after we woke up so we looked quite frightening) and they took her to the airport. it was sad to see her go but not really because she gets to serve in Spain and that's pretty legit. It's different with her not here she was the best but I love Sister Stout and we just went back to normal companionship so it was okay!
we don't have any investigators right now but we are busy trying to bring less-actives to church, trying to find investigators, and preparing for some missonary ward activities in the future. i'm tired as heck every day of my life but it's the best kind of tired! because i know i'm tiring myself out for the Lord. I don't know if I can fully express my happiness people. really though I am so happy every day and I see little miracles every day. I love being a missonary and I love serving in Korea. I love the people here, I love the language, I love my companion, I love the scriptures, I'm obsessed with PMG. I just have so much love! I have so many faults still and so many weaknesses but it's okay because the Lord still uses me as his instrument and I work every day to do better and be better.
anyway we met with a south african woman last night (i already said that) but anyway she is the coolest. Sister Stout met her on the street a couple months ago and they just havent been able to meet for real since then so we called her and she said we could meet! it was really interesting. she said that she came here as a missionary but she's like it's weird because they told us we would come out here as missionaries and then we got out here and it's kind of a business, we teach english and the focus is mostly teaching english so we have to work extra hard to remember the gospel and stuff. sister stout and i were like well...that's unfortunate. so she's kind of a missionary but doesn't really do missionary work. and she's willing to listen so it's cool! then comes the embarrassing part. i was like so what part of south africa are you from? and she names some place and i was like yeah i have no idea and she's like well do you know anything about south africa? and i was like i have a friend from ghana. and she's like yeah...that's a different country. like 7 hours away by plane. oh hi i'm an idiot. yeah yeah stop making fun of me. i tried to hide my embarrassment i was like i never took's the same continent so that's okay right...? the worst. but we taught her about the restoration and it was so cool! different experience teaching it in english that's for sure. it was cool because as we were teaching i was just reminded how true everything was. as she was listening she kept saying this is just new and different so i'm trying hard to follow along. and i realized yeah this all sounds incredible and is definitely different and may be hard to believe but as i was listening to my companion teach and i was teaching i just knew yes! everything is true. everything that we are teaching is true. and i was fully confident that she could come to that conclusion as well if she wanted to. and that's where her agency comes into play. but all i could do was teach and testify and then let her decide. she committed to read the book of mormon and pray about it! said a great prayer at the end of the lesson. we were kind of disappointed because she said she was really busy and made it apparent that we can't meet for like 3 weeks -__- but hopefully we will still be able to contact her until then. her name is luleka. pray for her!
we also met this cute old lady that is super catholic and i think just old and lonely but she's so cute and nice so hopefully she will accept the gospel too!
weeks go by too fast and it's sad that my time as a missionary is slowly winding down. (emphasis on the slowly) i never want it to end. it's so interesting seeing the change that takes place. when i first came out i felt like my mission was never ending like i would never see the day that i would go home and that thought discouraged me at times when it was hard. but now that it's ending, i wish it was farther away. i wish i had more time. not because i have regrets or i wish i could do better but because i know that the work will never end and there will always be more to do. but that's the cool part i guess. is that even after i do go back home and live my life missionary work will never stop like Joseph Smith said. and even though maybe i won't be in korea as a missionary, i will still be a missionary wherever i go and there will still be work that the Lord wants me to do wherever I am. the church is true people! and the gospel is the greatest gift and brings us the greatest happiness.
love you all!! til next week^^
Sister Blick
ps if you get the chance watch the movie Ephraims Rescue. I'm literally obsessed. there are so many good quotable lines!!!

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