Monday, September 1, 2014

it's september ahhhh!! what is going on in life. seriously yesterday it was christmas of last year. and we are closer to christmas this year than we are to christmas last year. i don't understand where time goes seriously. i'm coming to the end of my mission and i don't want to leave this place! some of the best experiences of my life have happened here and will continue to happen here. 

i was sad i had to leave my old area and nervous about meeting new companions and going to a new area but i love my new companions and i don't know my new ward or area very well but i'm sure i will love them too. 
last p-day was sister bassett's last p-day before she went home to america ㅠㅠ i was so sad for her to leave. but anyway we went to chinatown and had fun there you will see pictures later! that night we met with sister choi and another member sister kim for dinner. sister choi got me this cute handmade bag for a present and then when i got home i found 300 dollars inside the bag she gave me. what the 300 dollars!! too bad i can't keep it! gave it back to her the next day and she was kind of upset that i had to give it back. i told her to spend it on me later when she came and visited me in america. went and visited her for the last time at her school on tuesday afternoon. she's the greatest. she started talking about she is really grateful for the influence i've had in her life. she said before she met me she was looking for and needed love from her mom and her heart was a little empty, it was missing something but since meeting me she doesn't need that love anymore. she said i resolved part of her problem. isn't that what the gospel does? resolve our problems! she's the greatest. she started crying as i was walking away and i almost burst into tearts but i held myself together knowing i would see her at her baptism. more about that later!! that night i got to meet with all the young women in our ward and i was so happy they almost all came! i just barely started getting to know them and i was sad to leave but i didn't even think they liked me until sunday when i told all of them i was leaving and they were all sad! it made me feel good^^ 
wednesday was crazy. i had to pack in a couple of days and let me tell you i have a ton of stuff...after i threw a ton of stuff away....yeah i needed to do some spring cleaning. it was much needed. but met my new companions and they had a busy schedule that day so we were running all over the place. my new companions are rockin. seriously. one of them is a korean sister who studied at byu hawaii so she's fluent in english as well but she actually got her call to spain but has come visa problems so she is serving with us until the 15th when she leaves for spain. she's technically a greenie but she is so cool and a great teacher. she got baptized only a couple years ago and she is just the coolest. she is so fun to serve with and i will be sad when she goes. my other companion is sister stout. she's super awesome too. she's american but she grew up in japan so she's fluent at japanese too. yeah i'm basically a super lame person i am realizing. she came out the same time melanie did. she's so so nice and i've heard a lot of good things about her which are all true! she can't eat gluten so her diet is a little different but i ask her like a million times a day what she can and can't eat. she's the cutest! i am so happy to be serving with them. they are such hard workers and great missionaries and will keep me working hard these last couple transfers!
i moved back into seoul so there are like a million more people everywhere and everything is wider and bigger and noisier! it's a party basically. different from my old area but i still love it. 
okay highlight of the week!!! SISTER CHOI GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!! my new area is super far away and we had stake conference that night so it was a little squishy with our schedule but everything worked out and it was the best! we got to the church before she did so we were just waiting for her and i ran to the parking lot as soon as i saw her car but then i was confused because there was a man driving the car. then i had the greatest realization of my life. HER HUSBAND CAME!!! AND HER DAUGHTER!! it was the coolest seriously. her husband likes the missionaries and is super nice. hasn't expressed any interest in the church though so we haven't taught him at all and she said that he probably wasn't going to come to the baptism but she said when she talked to him about it he said he wanted to go so he came!! it was the coolest. AND my favorite less active family came to the baptism too! it was literally THE BEST EVER! we sang her favorite song nearer my god to thee (she remembers it from when she went to church as a teenager) and she even bore her testimony! she was so sweet and just said what she really felt i was really surprised actually. she talked about how she still doesn't know a lot about the church and about the gospel but she knows that's it's had a good influence on her and she wants to keep learning and keep trying. she says it will be hard and sometimes she thinks she can't keep all the commandments but she wants to try and keep her promise and she hopes that the gospel will be a big blessing to her family. she sent me this email this week.  

to my dear friend:
It was the best part of my life
 i met you and known
talking to you

i will  try to keep promise

she's the best right?? i love her so much. 
anyway this week will be crazy. we have mission tour. elder aoyagi is coming to speak to our mission. we are all excited for that. my companion and i have training meetings we have to go to and such so that will be a party. 
love you all so much! pray for you all the time!!! love you love you love!! have a good week! 
Sister Blick

OH YEAH HOW COULD I FORGET. lol so we live with another set of sisters too it's a five man house right now! it's super fun. but when i met them i was like hi i'm sister blickenstaff and one of the sisters was like yeah i totally stalked your blog before i came to korea (she's a greenie now) hahahahah wow i'm famous! and then sister stout told me that her old comp sister kei (she went home) said that apparently my blog is number one on the search engine hahahahahaha what the i am NOT that cool. 

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