Monday, September 15, 2014

hi hi hi!! another week has come and gone what the heck time goes by waaay too fast i don't understand. last week was great. every week is great. i'm just a happy missionary so every day is great^^
well if i come home and happen to wonder why i am fifty pounds heavy than when i left, let me tell you. I ALMOST DIED THIS WEEKEND PEOPLE. i literally ate the most food i have ever eaten in my life in one sitting. my companions and i were dying. seriously though i thought i was going to barf all over our member's house like five times. i mean the food was delicious don't get me wrong but i think it started backing up in my stomach and was giving me legit heart burn. and the thing is it happened like 5 meals in a row. my companions and i were laying on the floor of our house we were basically incapacitated. (that's a word right...?) we put icy-hot on our stomachs and it kind of helped hahah. we were desperate. good thing korean food is deliciouuusss.
anyway this week we had a mission conference because there was a Korean national holiday (the equivalent of thanksgiving) and it was super fun! i just love being surrounded by all the missionaries in our mission. i was just overwhelmingly grateful to be a missionary. i can't describe the feeling really but i just sat in the pews of the chapel with a huge smile on my face. i felt like the luckiest girl on the planet. celebrating a Korean holiday with some of the most amazing people.

okay sorry i wanted to write more but you all take up my time with chatting! hehe i know it's not your fault. but sorry! okay i'll share a short cool miracle sorry there was like nothing spiritual in here.

oh i gave a talk yesterday in church! it went great^^ one of the members came up to me and said does your father know how good you are at korean? and i just laughed. and she said no really he will be really surprised. make sure you tell him you are really good at korean! they are so nice to me.

went on exchanged with a sister in our zone and we saw a cool miracle! we went to go visit one of her members at her shop to see if we could do a practice lesson. she said she was busy and had another appointment so she had to go but there was a lady who happened to come in a few minutes after we got there and sat in this half sauna chair thingy (it was an herbalife store) so the member was like hey these missionaries are learning korean and they need practice so they will teach you as you sit in the sauna chair. okay? thanks! and then she ran out of the shop. we were kind of like...haha okay....and then we taught her the first lesson! the sister is a new missionary so she was nervous but i was like you know how to teach it it's okay! and she said what she knew how to say and she did SO awesome!! and turns out the lady was interested in learning more! she said it was cool because she didn't think the shop would be open but she just came by hoping that it would be by chance. and then she met us! it was a cool miracle^^

hope you see miracles every day! love you tons.

 my cute companions and the delicious shaved ice
check it my hair is so long. oooooooooh yeaaah.
one of the members of my old ward came to visit me yesterday!! i love her she is the best

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